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Kevin Costner brought along his cute 22 year old daughter Lily when he made an appearance on the David Letterman Show in New York. Kevin is promoting his new movie “Swing Vote” and Lily’s an aspiring actress. She’s had small roles in a few of her father’s movies, but Kevin insisted she finish her education before pursing acting fulltime.

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  1. She’s just a little younger than his latest wife.

  2. Good for him! She needs to have a profession to fall back on in case her thinking stays just that, or she falls on her face. Although the last name of Costner doesn’t exactly inspire blockbuster movies. Let’s hope “Swing Vote” will be one. It looks good.

  3. If she is a good actress and can make it on her own, that’s fine. But since he has clout, she will get parts in movies whether she has much talent or not. That is not fair to the many that are scrimping and saving to be in acting classes and have no big name to help them.
    Gollyweird is tough and unfair among other things, such as drugs, booze, infidelity and porn.

  4. If I have trouble sleeping, all I have to do is think of the most boring movie ever: “Dances with Wolves”.

  5. “Dances with Wolves”.

    The movie would have been so much better if
    he had not been in EVERY scene!

  6. She was at the BMW tournament in SC two years ago and she was also in downtown Greenville watching her father and his band perform. She is very cute.
    Barbara Nemec

  7. Little lovely Lily your going to do great and your going to pick up where your father has left off and that is wonderful that your going to go into acting and I Bet your really excited and cheerful about the slash your going to make in Holly Wood and I Know that your going to make it and I wish you all the luck in the world.

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