How dumb does “Girls next Door” star Kendra Wilkinson think we all are? She just did an interview with Ryan Seacrest at “E!” in which she boo hooed that she was “extremely embarrassed” that the sex video she did as a teenager was released by Vivid Entertainment. She didn’t acknowledge the fact that SHE has been trying to negotiate a deal to release the video for several years. Finally, her male partner in the video sold it successfully and he’s sharing the profits with her. According to RadarOnline, Vivid says her video provided their “biggest sales day in history.” Most significant is the fact that Kendra already got her first check for the video – $680,000. Certainly that eases a lot of her “pain.”

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  1. She should be extremely embarrassed. The dude looks like Shrek, and is smaller than my little finger…


  3. that is an INSANE amount of money for very ugly porno
    does she think people are stupid?
    why does she even care wheat anyone thinks
    when for money she allows it to be seen
    its disgusting
    it is not pretty or even nice to see
    the guy in it is creepy ugly
    what the F was she thinking
    if she was

  4. She’s only upset cause she wanted a bigger pay day. Please, go away, come back when & if you actually have some talent to peddle.

  5. Big problem for Kendra isn’t right now, it’s about five years from now when her show has been cancelled and she has to really find a job.

  6. I hope she has a great financial planner and retires. I can’t stand her laugh.

  7. As long as men (and I guess women) buy her pornography, she’ll be laughing (err, I mean crying) all the way to the bank.

  8. Ya know, I really don’t care that she has a sex tape out there… what annoys me is that she acts like it’s so embarrassing yet she’s laughing all the way to the bank… she needs to grow up, something she obviously still hasn’t done. I actually feel bad for her husband… I think he’s beginning to see what a true skank he married… and this doesn’t come lightly for me to say… I actually liked her on Girls Next Door and felt she was “real”, nowadays, not so much.

  9. Does anything she does surprise u. She was F’n that 80yr old crypt Keeper

  10. Yeah, I’ve always wondered how a guy as nice and NORMAL as Hank could want to MARRY a girl with giant FAKE tits and a history of screwing the old geezer Hef for 5 years (and in my opinion, taking advantage of him for fame and money). I can SEE having sex with her, after all, that’s what she portrays herself as, a sex doll, but why he would want to saddle himself with her as a life partner is beyond me. “LOVE” definitely IS strange! I just hope for the baby’s sake they do stay together to raise him and her history doesn’t take them down, because I’m sure Hank has some history too, it’s just not public knoweldge (yet)!

  11. Some of the many sex demons that inhabited the 80-plus wrinkled bod of Hefner jumped off onto her. She is totally inhabited by demons and needs an exorcism in the worst way, for the sake of her kid if nothing else. This is the only explanation of her filthy lifestyle.

  12. Hank wasn’t thinking with his brain when he married Kendra. And, there might be something to the sex demons.

  13. It’s a whole new world of liars and sexual deviants. NO ONE CARES about her except liars and sexual deviants.

  14. Something about K names and golddiggers/sexworkers… and gullible black footballers.
    Kendra… former concubine, current wife of one of the lamest black men on tv
    Kim Kardasisan… former porno star and media parnter of Reggie Bush of the Nawlins Saints.

    Hank is a fool and no matter what, they aren’t gonna have a happy marriage. Divorce, of course-cause Hank is gonna be getting mocked in the lockerrooms. That’s what happens when you marry sex workers, they can’t make good wives!!

  15. She’s a complete slut. Who makes porn at 18? Weirdos that’s who!

  16. Kylie, probably a LOT of people do, they just don’t go on to become faous and them have the videos come out much later to show how stupid they were back when. Kendra is obviously STILL as dumb as a rock and she had to have been even worse when she was 18. She is one of the dumbest people I have ever heard talk, and those other two dumb blondes who played “girls next door” with her are just as bad. Apparently that’s one way Hef gets young hot girls, he goes after the really stupid ones that just have hot bodies and no brains, so they will screw him to get ahead in life…and LOOK it WORKS! They ALL have gotten ahead and have their own TV shows now after screwing the nasty old goat for a few short years. And he has a long line of more dumb blondes with giant fake tits following behind them waiting THEIR turns to jump on top of him next!

  17. White uneducated trash. Her parents must be very proud of her!

  18. Every male with internet access on the planet earth has already seen her naked vagina and those of her two girlfriends anyway. What’s to be embarrassed about? Nothing new here. She’s been naked on regular TV for crying out loud. Those blurs they put on her boobs and crotch to “censor” the footage don’t really leave much to the imagination.

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