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Attention seeking Christina Aguilera changed her clothes numerous times for the MTV Awards. She wore this rockabilly-punk look out to dinner at Soho House after the show with her husband. She seems to be making a determined effort NOT to look like her rivals Lady Gaga or Rihanna, the current reigning queens of pop. Christina learned the hard way that things don’t stay the same when you take four years off to spend time with your family. Her concert tour this summer was cancelled – most likely for lack of ticket sales – and no one’s too excited about her new album. But she still has that voice going for her. And a movie with Cher.

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  1. I think Christina is an amazing performer that does not get the KUDOS she deserves. The only reason she has not got the ticket sales and followers is she does not go around and flash her crotch to the paparazzi or walk around aimlessly rambling on in foreign accents like a “off her rocker” celebrity. Keep on rockin xtina some day your credit will happen. You will be remembered for your talent, not your embarrasing antics to get peoples attention!!

  2. Christina has the talent, but her style always rings a little hollow, seeming too contrived and worried. If she were smart, she would lay low and then start developing a career built on more mature music. Christina is better suited to be a Liza or Streisand than a Cher, or Madonna or Kylie.

  3. Because her career’s over and her song tanked, Christina resorts to working her ho stroll down sunset strip.

    OMG this girl piles on the makeup. Tacky!

  4. She should go for the beauty look rather than the weird. Lady Gaga does weird and beauty at the same time.

  5. Christina is the victim of there too many new acts and there’s too much music out there. People just forget that you’re around.

  6. She has a good strong voice, but too much bleach and too red lipstick.

  7. she has a great voice, but always got lost behind the popularity of Britney. Now she’s been taken over by Gaga and Rhianna. She needs to restyle herself into a different arena – her lack of concert ticket sales should tell her that her fans have left her. I wish her luck, tho. I know the music business is a tough one…

  8. I think she truely has the best voice of all of these current performers. She needs to go classy old style hollywood which she has done and does well. It suits her. Stop with the bizarre outfits, leave being a clown for the people that need to stretch their talent with gimmicks. Just stand there and sing brilliant songs (and GET some) wear some glamorous evening gowns and don’t over do the make-up, the beauty is already there it doesn’t need to be obliterated with gunk. I think she’d make a great girl singer with a big band style and do ballads and classic and new songs of that genre. A modern times Doris Day type. We don’t HAVE anything like that right now and I think the people would really eat it up if she did it right!

  9. Her clown makeup, wigs and cheesy Lady GaGa impersonation are boring. She ought to wash her face, dress like a lady and sing something original. Less is more Christina.

  10. True stars, like Christina have little to fear.

    With a voice such as hers, a work ethic and determination she will always make money singing she could do Veags, a European tour, etc.

    Lady Gaga is a flash in the pan and if she goes ahead and does Playboy she will over and done with so much quicker!

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