We were staggered to learn that the TV series “Seinfeld” has earned an amazing $2.7 BILLION DOLLARS since it went OFF the air 12 years ago. According to the NY Post it is the most profitable half hour in TV history. 180 episodes of Seinfeld were made during it’s 9 year run – and that adds up to each show earning 14 million so far. This means that Jerry Seinfeld and his co-creator Larry David have taken in hundreds of millions each for RERUNS of the show. Unfortunately, costars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards get NOTHING from syndication. It doesn’t seem fair. The only other series likely to top Seinfeld’s earnings someday is “The Simpsons.”



  1. That is why they are the creators – they get the money.

  2. The co-stars did okay, Janet. None of them will ever have to work another day in their lives, and, I agree w/ Kammi… Seinfeld and David WERE the creators.

  3. No residuals??? How did that happen? Julia does not care – she comes from money (stands to inherit tens of millions) and has her own successful show, but the other two? This explains why Alexander is a shill for Jenny Craig. (And Jay boy, you are still not skinny!)

  4. pssssssssssssssssst: THESE ARE THE “FAMOUS”(egoists) AMERICAN HABITS WE’RE TALKING ABOUT, folks!!

  5. Yes they created the show so would stand to reason they would reap the benefits. The others are actors and are paid for their acting. Had they written the show as well, they would benefit too.

  6. I seem to recall reading that when the show went into reruns each of the cast members received a large chunk of money. Perhaps they all chose to receive this lump sum in lieu of receiving residuals. They would have had to sign away their rights to residual payments because all actors automatically get residuals, unless the show they appeared in was pre-1970 or something like that.

  7. Larry David will need the money in order to lure in a girlfriend/spouse, probably 25 years younger. Jerry needs money, well, just because he loves it. Since they made stars out of Kramer, Elaine, George, etc. and if there was nothing signed, then these 2 should get the money. Wonder if they support worthwhile charities.

  8. Seems to me all the actors should be receiving some money from the re-runs. I hope Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld do the right thing. If it wasn’t for Kramer, George, and Elaine, the show would not be what it is.

  9. I’m quite sure the performers on the show DO get paid when the show is rerun. That’s been the case for many many years now, not like back in the old days when people really did get screwed. I’m sure they worked out great contracts with everything accounted for for their futures. None of them are stupid people and they knew even way back then they had something hot, big, and different, and they better play their cards right, cause chances like THAT just don’t come around every day. I’m not worried about any of their billfolds. I’m sure they can buy anything their little hearts desire!

    And my favorite episode was “junior mints”!

  10. Puh-leez!!! They CREATED the show…why should the others get that money?!

  11. I think the show really sucks and could never understand why people liked the show and it was boring and put me to sleep and they made billions and it is safe to say and…I never had a crush on any one there and never wanted to watch it after 3 minutes in all but…It torched the world some kind of way!!! Every one felt connected and it hit on so many raw levels but if people love what they love…That means there is something out there for every one in this wide world of themes.

  12. Remember when Jerry dated that 16 year old when he was like 42?

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