Photo Credit: Buzz Foto

Here’s Eva Longoria walking out of Ken Paves salon yesterday after a FOUR HOUR session of getting her hair done. One thing about Eva – she seems to be TOTALLY enjoying al the fuss over her upcoming wedding. Every little detail from rings to dresses etc is being examined by the press and Eva could care less. She really seems happy.
Photo Credit: Buzz Foto
Alicia Silverstone got her hair done at Ken Paves salon on the same day as Eva, and HER entire process only took ONE hour, proving she is a low maintenance no-nonsense kind of girl. Her vegan diet is apparently keeping her slim. We love that Alicia is an animal activist, but if she’d separate herself from that cultish PETA, we’d like her even better.

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  1. Anyone who wastes their money at Ken Paves’ is ridiculous.

  2. eva an attention whore. if the press wasn’t interested in her wedding she would be pissed.

  3. I totally did NOT recognize Alicia Silverstone in that picture. She used to be so gorgeous–what happened to her? That color hair does nothing for her and without any (natural or cosmetic) color she looks ill there. I’m going to assume the lighting was bad and that this is just an unfortunate mistake of the camera.

  4. This salon specializes in Pageant Hair! Big teased poofy Miss. Louisiana hair! TRASH!

  5. im sorry but i think it is so tacky for multi-millionares to sell their wedding photos to the tabloids.
    they don’t need the money, so why is she selling her wedding photos?
    what on earth does tony parker see in this wench?

  6. okay, I have been wondering why anyone would pay eva longoria 2 mil, she is tacky and not a huge star, the only people I could really see a tabloid paying that kind of money to would be like brangelina but eva longoria, please, she looks like a wet mouse. after desperate housewives goes off the air her career is over so she better hold on to every last penny of her 2 million dollar photo shoot. she’s just a loser that got lucky. 🙂 I feel bad for tony parker, he actually seems like a nice guy entrenched with a not so cute skank.

  7. Won’t watch Silverstone ever again after her rude behavior on The View, when she snubbed Elisabeth. No class, just rude!

  8. Alicia needs a steak. Being a vegan has done nothing for her complection or career.
    Eva deserves Tony. Have you heard him speak? He’s got an itty bitty wittle baby voice. They are the new Star and Al.

  9. Worship Alicia after her APPROPRIATE behavior for snubbing the NO CLASS, RUDE ELISABETH.

  10. Rosie’s the one with no class. Have you seen the latest picture of her daughter? Not to mention all of the misinformation (lies) she presented as truth reference Sept. 11th, while on the View.
    Rosie is loud, doesn’t know how to dress, and not very bright when it comes to political facts. She just makes it up as she goes. Rosie has never been accused of having “Class.”

  11. What did he do to their hair? It looks like he just brushed it straight. These ‘stars’ are ridiculous all they need is for Paves to say how marvelous they look and they believe it! How stupid!

  12. Agree, Elizabitch needed to be snubbed by the much more talented and attractive Alicia.

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