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We hate to say it but Britney Spears seems like she’s losing touch with reality. Why else would she go out looking like an off-duty Eastern European stripper? It’s not just booze or drugs or tacky fashion – we’re afraid she might have serious mental problems. She’s lost it and she won’t listen to anyone. When you’re rich and struggling with possible mental illness and IN DENIAL, what can anyone do? We feel guilty making fun of her because every day it’s more apparent that she’s hanging by a thread. It’s entirely possible that her next stop will be a mental hospital.

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  1. Yeah, she’s a good role model for young girls, and young mothers, young drunks, young druggies, young exhibitionists, etc.

  2. Britney is a stunning classic beauty. And super talented.

  3. OMG, Janet, that’s what I’ve been thinking for a while. It’s not necessarily drugs, or ADD, or even post-partum. Either she is the most profoundly stupid person on the face of the planet, or she’s losing her grip on reality. I think she’s going crazy, and her clothes are only a symptom.

  4. She is a deviant and an exhibitionist.. Some exhibitionists wish to display themselves sexually to other people singly or in groups. This can be done consensually as part of swinging or group sex. When done nonthreateningly, the intent is usually to surprise and/or sexually arouse the viewer, giving the exhibitionist an ego rush.However, if the exposing individual shows an aggressive or criminal behavior, that is indecent exposure and is a separate phenomenon from exhibitionism and flashing. True she has no fashion taste and is twenty six.. not six so should be able to dress and do as she wants, as long as she doesn’t expose herself with the intent to morally corrupt the public.

  5. “Why else would she go out looking like an off-duty Eastern European stripper?”
    What is the difference? I’m serious.
    You can tell by the crazed look in her eyes that she’s not quite right.

  6. Her parents must be dying inside. I wonder if they feel responsible allowing her to miss her childhood, get breast implants at 17 and live in the fast lane all for the almighty dollar. She needs to start aligning herself with some helpful, caring people who don’t want anything from her. Professional counseling would be most helpful. She’s headed 90 MPH straight into a brick wall.

  7. You guys are the f-ing crazy ones. Just because she has bad fashion sense doesn’t mean she’s insane.

  8. Sorry Britney, but showing off your vagina to the world is more than bad fashion sense.

  9. This is what happins when you were nothing but hillbilly trash and groomed by a label and manager that picked out your clothes hair makeup etc and than you fire all these people.This is the REAL britney.Hillbilly trash thru and thru.How on earth can a woman that was nothing but t/a and zero talent make it when your sex appeal is now gone due to spitting out 2 kids in 2 years??Britney is now just showing the world what a crazy hick she really is,Bye ya”all

  10. You can take the hillbilly out of the trailor but you can’t take the trailor out of the hillbilly.

  11. She should start her own “fashion” liine. There just aren’t enough clothing out there for real strippers or hookers.

  12. does she have friends, i would never let my friend leave dressed like that. Mean girls suck. PS it’s ya’ll.

  13. does she have friends, i would never let my friend leave dressed like that. Mean girls suck. PS it’s ya’ll.

  14. Well that girl with her has on fabulous shoes from Barney’s. I have them in Black suede!

  15. people still love brit brit like some actually still like m.jackson. says:

    She’s not mental.
    Nor is she “sick”
    She simpally does not have any fashion sence, or class.
    You can have money and talent, but fashion and class is much harder to learn if you were not born with it.
    Simple as that.
    ps. lynn reads this site

  16. she was a child star and has been in the spot light for years, she is probably just tired of being told what to do, what to say and how to say it.
    but spears requires a stylist’ skill, she is one of those women who can not dress herself.


  18. ” … Why else would she go out looking like an off-duty Eastern European stripper?”
    Yes, Folks, Britney is tragic. But the most tragic thing of all, in my opinion, is Janet probably blew a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use, ” … looking like an off-duty Eastern European ecdysiast…” in one sentence.

  19. There was a time when she was rewarded for dressing like that. People got paid to dress her like that. Now that she’s had 2 kids and isn’t 19 anymore but still dresses like that doesn’t make her any more “mentally ill” than the people who encouraged it in the first place, including her mom.

  20. Carrie dear how nice of you to inform us all on the right way to spell Ya”ll.You must be a teacher.
    Britney Spears is trash.A human dumpster.Tacky lil drunk,Ive seen this type of broad come n go.Im sure her label”jive” must be so happy to see her out at clubs again,so good for her career to be seen out in tacky outfits drunk and blurry eyed.What a tool she is.

  21. Brit is living in “THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS” heh heh

  22. It’s not just the way she dresses that suggests she’s a nutjob; it’s the way she talks -like that stupid valley girl accent & the things she does- like the shaving of the head. And, yes, it’s the look in her eyes. She’s not grounded in reality.

  23. Sorry, y’all (see? I got it right!) but woman is stupid, stupid, stupid. Total mouthbreather. Her 15 min. is up and she’ll never, ever get it back. She’s too stupid to listen to people who know what’s best for her, cause Lord knows, she doesn’t seem to know her ass from her armpit.

  24. Warning to all parents….This is what happends when your children wait too long to loose their virginity. So sad…

  25. Madonna is her role model.. what do you expect from an uneducated deviant?

  26. i agree with 1:06 AM.
    i don’t think that she is “hilbilly trash” like some people said. i have no way of knowing if she has a mental illness. i would hate to have several cars filled with paparazzo following me around wherever i go and parking right by my house with the cameras always ready to catch that money shot. so , i fyou want to talk something like schizophrenia or paranoia, if you were britney, its not just in her head, it is her reality. as far as the way she dresses kinda tacky , when madonna and blondie and a lot of other young pop stars were her age they went out in outfits that weren’t exactly the norm. the whole thing is pretty sad… whatever.

  27. Really simple – she’s stupid and uneducated. How does she retain custody of those kids?

  28. How do you know what a Eastern European off duty stripper looks like? Hmm.
    Atleast she got your attention and you published her photo for free. LOL.

  29. The day that Paris was let out Britney was wearing the outfit above and later asked a pap if he had any pics of Paris’ release and proceeded to put her shirt over her head (leaving the bra and her rolls revealed) and take pics of the paps with their camera… i dont know but all i can say is that she does have the crazy in the eyes and there is no ignoring that… i feel bad for her family. I cant help but think shes the next Michael Jackson sometimes….

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