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Egad! It’s time to put in an emergency call to Victoria Beckham– quick before the fashion police arrest Katie Holmes! Apparently Katie’s Scientology stylist just isn’t up to snuff. We don’t know WHAT Posh would think about those jeans and socks. Did Katie put Tom’s clothes on top of her own? But the really scarey part is the hairstyle. Katie isn’t even 30 yet!

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  1. I think she looks cute. Janet you’re way to obessive with Tom and Katie.

  2. She looks really dingy and downright dowdy.
    What happened to her?

  3. Tommy fat. This is what happens to lying closeted homos.
    Katie ugly. This is what happens to women who beard lying closeted homos.

  4. It’s the hair and makeup from filming her guest appearance on Eli Stone. Why she went out in public with it on is still a mystery.

  5. The real question is: How can Tom be taller than Katie in this photo–and yet she’s wearing HEELS?! (Did he have leg extensions put in?)

  6. Really? Not one of you has seen a Prada ad, a YSL ad, an issue of ‘W’, or read the New York Times Fashion page for the past 5 yes 5 months? For 5 months all they have been showing is socks with gladiator type shoes. Go to NYTimes Fashion roundup page today, they have 4 seperate articles on this very style. You may think it’s hideous, but it is the style, like it or not. And not only is it the style but it is very expensive. Like I said you may hate it, but no one has read a fashion magazine or visited a shoe site like Bluefly in 5 months?

  7. Tommy fat
    Fat? You need to get your eyes check. That is not fat.

  8. OK. Yeah gladiator shoes are all the rage — with cute shorts or a skirt. NOT with sloppy, rolled (???) jeans, an even sloppier cardigan and the most unflattering hairstyle since Dear Abby’s horrendous ‘do. I just watched a movie with Katie Holmes from 1998’s Disturbing Behavior and she was so pretty then. Now she looks about 30 years older, even w/out this crappy styling of her very unflattering haircut. But it does appear she’s closing the age gap between them. She’s got the Shaker Heights suburban look nailed.

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