Is Kathy Griffin’s boyfriend changing his mind about staying OUT of the limelight? For the first time Kathy’s 33 year old boyfriend (she won’t give his name) flaunted their relationship and posed for paparazzi on a beach in Miami. Kathy, 51, looked great in her American flag bikini while her guy kept his clothes on. But this IS the first time they’ve posed for romantic pictures together. It has also leaked out that his name is Randy. We’re expecting more information and photos to follow…

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  1. Not sure why but for the last year or so she uses any excuse to strip or wear bikinis.

  2. and CONGRATULATIONS L. A. KINGS!!!!!!!!!!especially Willie Mitchell from Port Hardy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m thirty eight(38).

  4. I doubt he is actually “flaunting” the relationship. What choice does he have when the paparazzi is after his lady? Eventually, he will get more and more use to it.

    As long as they are happy, then good for them and enjoy. 🙂

  5. “We ought never to do wrong when people are looking.” …..Mark Twain

  6. @Indy,
    Have we found our way to a Quote Website that we are found of this morning? 🙂

  7. Amended:

    Have we found our way to a Quote Website that we are FOND of this morning?

  8. Patrick, how can be happy for a team that cheated its way to the cup? Or should I say, Gary Bettman and the ref’s cheated them to the cup?

    I must say Kathy Griffin is growing on me. She doesn’t seem as obnoxious and annoying as she use to be. Possibly because she seems to be much more happier with her life? aka – getting tailed and making money. Yup, that pretty much does it for most of us I suppose.

  9. Muffie, there is no denying Bettman uses the refs to take away momentum from dominating teams.
    But this was L.A.’s year. As per Don Cherry’s prediction.
    The universe is chaotic.

  10. Yeah Patrick, I think Tom Renney also predicted that Bettman wanted Hollywood to go to the finals. This was even before the playoffs started. Ironically, his contract was not renewed shortly after his comments. Go figure.

  11. I would love the see the Canucks win the cup.
    But nobody lives forever.

  12. Kathy was funnier when she was on the d-list. He most recent specials have been terrible. And she needs to put her clothes back on.

    Still like her though, and all the earlier stand-up.

  13. Hahaaaaaa, that’s funny Patrick!!

    They sure won’t will with Gary Bettman at the helm. That’s a guaranteed fact! It’s all about $$$$’s

  14. Omg, she looks amazing at 50! If I looked like her at 50 I would be posing everywhere in a bikini! Good for her!

  15. She does look amazing for 51. But the glaringly white upper thigh shot almost knocked me out of my seat at first.

  16. @Denise, Still, the lady has great muscle tone too. Keeping fit can be hard work. It’s paying off for her. 🙂

  17. I love Kathy’s comedy, but she just ain’t a beautiful woman. And then being as abrasive as she is, she may work hard for her body, but I can’t see what a pretty good lookin guy like him sees in her. Sorry. Doubt it lasts.

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