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Katherine Heigl kept her mother Nancy company while she got a pedicure and afterward the two had lunch at Vermont in Los Feliz. Can you see the family resemblance? Heigl’s come a long way. Ten years ago the “Grey’s Anatomy” star was filming “Bride of Chucky.” Incidentally, we agree with everything she said about “Knocked Up” being sexist. Katherine skipped dessert and fired up a cigarette.

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  1. Janet, referring to yourself as ‘we’ is not an appropriate use of the English language. Why do you insist on using this incorrect grammar on your Blog?

  2. She’s really talented, smart and beautiful but Hollywood likes people who are bruised, needy, artifical and willing to do anything for fame and money.

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  4. Kat will need her mommy when she develops lung cancer from her 3 pack a day habit. Mehinks her hubby will be off on tour somewhere singing and writing songs. He is already tired of second hand smoke.

  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Correction of one word on the above: should be METHINKS…NOT MEHINKS.
    PS: btw, how many times has Miss Pretty “quit” anyway? At least 4 times I heard. LOL.

  6. It is being said Katherine is go great for speaking her mind …. I call it being rude. I know someone who does not engage her brain before saying incredibly hurtful, cruel things. Wonder if she does this straight to someone’s face.
    BTW, she is setting herself up for emphysema and cancer with her smokes.

  7. wow this is how she eats??????????? with her elbow on the table and slouched over like a little bratty child at 4 years old? bad table manners…she should be embarassed…

  8. “Knocked Up” WAS sexist. It was also the most painfully unfunny two hours and fifteen minutes imaginable. Judd Apatow really hates women. It’s a shame he never matched the brilliance of “Freaks and Geeks” but instead went for the much more profitable lowest common denominator of stupid sleaze.

  9. I have heard her say that Josh wants her to quit… but she CAN’T. Bet her teeth are yellow and her breath stinks. How stupid can you be?

  10. Back to Janet’s original question: She does bear a huge resemblance to her mother. Though women don’t allow themselves to age as they once did. She’ll look great in her 40s, 50s, 60s. Though the smoking is very aging…………

  11. is her mom still a practicing Mormon?
    Just curious.

  12. May I ask:
    Where did you learn to eat with your sunglasses on?
    Was it with rumer willis?
    In that case I understand!!

  13. Cady at 2:34 a.m. — Get a life and quit spamming all the websites with your childish comments. Don’t you have a more worthwhile club to join?

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