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Kate Hudson looks perfectly happy WITHOUT Lance Armstrong as she takes a leisurely walk in Manhattan. We’re gratified to see that her appropriately named son Ryder has finally been cut loose from that stroller he’s been trying to escape for so long. At last, he can walk on his own!

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  1. Poor Ryder. I feel so sorry for that kid. He’s going to be so messed up from watching his mother go through one sleazy lover after another. This parade of temporary “uncles” is going to result in his needing serious therapy.

  2. Poor Ryder is right. He gets attached to whomever is mommy’s new “friend” this week then they are gone. He sees her just jump from relationship to relationship. Great example, Kate

  3. I remember when kate started sleeping with lance and some gossip site wanted to think of a combo name for them like hud-strong. A whole bunch of posters wrote in to say kate would get bored-they wouldnt be together long enough to need a name like that. who is it this month, kate, we have got your number. nice of you to screw up your innocent son

  4. Well, he looks like an orphan. She’s wearing some mumu I wouldn’t even wear at home.
    Figure it out. She was raised by a mother that never felt the need to get married. She’s looking for what Momma didn’t give her.
    She’s f’ed up. Look at her track record.

  5. true, he was attached to that. i think maybe she wants(ed)another and perhaps that is why too. maybe it is giving in to a whiny little one or she was the lazy one. but for God’s sake, cut the hair. NOW. there is surfer shaggy cute, then thee is, well this creation on this handsome boy.

  6. Who will be the next flavor of the month, now that Lance is kaput. Goldie and Kurt both cheat and Kate knows it; they have said they have an open marriage but will never split up. So Kate is without morals, just like those two. Kate is nothing but a flat-chested ho. The kid will never have a stable life with this selfish, man-crazy slut. She should be checked often for STD’s.

  7. “GRIZZLY ADAMS” hair and beard are always ‘steady’.
    WINNERS WERE NOT HERS, she needs a losers again.
    That’s why this asshole folks!!!

  8. I’m glad K-Hud got away from the Texas cheater and blood doper Lance Armstrong.
    Who will she whore with next?
    Other sites are showing the child Ryder sporting a tattoo on his forearm. Is it not illegal to tattoo young children?

  9. She has demons, restless demons, that compel her to always have a man. Used up ho. The kid suffers. Goldie and Kurt are so corrupt that they think …Oh my kid is sooo cool, lots of men desire her. So, thus, the demons. She is one screwed up chic who thinks she is God’s gift to men. Kate, take a few nights off from sc***ing and take care of Ryder.

  10. I’ve always thought Kate was a bit off, and her behavior confirms it. No decent woman would subject her young child to a parade of men just so she can have all the sex she wants. She goes through men like they’re going out of style. Goldie was never this bad. But Kate is an adult, and she can do what she likes. She’s one of those pathetic women who has to have a man by her side 24/7. She wouldn’t know what to do if she had an hour to herself. She’d be flagging down the first man she saw. Too bad she doesn’t give a sh*t about how it affects Ryder. Protective Services should yank him away from her and she should go to Sexaholics Anonymous.

  11. I don’t know what the big hurrah over her is anyway. Rather plain and mousy looking, flat nose, and even flatter chest. But then, men being men, will s**** almost anything.
    Can she afford the kid better-looking clothes, and the oft-discussed need for a haircut.
    I was never a fan of hers and her 3rd rate forgettable sex movies, which are a mirror of her whorish life. And I am unanimous in that.

  12. saw her creepy little son with his old man in Central Park…the old man was carrying his fugly son on his shoulders…poor kid.

  13. saw her creepy little son with his old man in Central Park…the old man was carrying his fugly son on his shoulders…poor kid.

  14. if i wasn’t so bored w/ her i’d be still bored w/ her. she’s fookin lucky she had a famous mother otherwise she’d be like any other plain girl in LA. her looks wouldn’t have even gotten her auditioned and her acting sure lacks depth

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