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It’s hard to believe that Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson were ever married. They just don’t look like they have a lot in common. Chris babysat their son Ryder (who DOES have long hair like daddy) in New York while Kate was there to appear on the Conan O’Brien show.

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  1. Kate sounds like a total flake when she talks. And she needs to cut that child’s hair! That is just gross.

  2. She doesnt NEED to live up to your standards of how YOU think HER SON should wear HIS hair. i totally disagree that they didnt seem a match. This is on the set of some movie, kate doesnt get all glammed up like this. Shes a totaly hippie chic. She still can do better though. sHes a hottie.

  3. You dont ”babysit” your own kid. He was taking care of his son or hanging out with is kid. No one ever says the Mom is babysitting, its always said about the Dad like hes doing the mother a favor or something.

  4. Mama Goldie splashed out big big bucks for this wedding; practically everyone knew it wouldn’t last. This picture flatters Kate; she is not that pretty in person.

  5. Seeing Kate conjures up thoughts of a delicious breakfast of PANCAKES tomorrow morning.

  6. Kate H is a regular chick when she isnt done up.. actually she is kind of a “plain jane”.

  7. Kate has a healthy libido. She’s young and should be enjoying herself with as many men as possible.

  8. A celeb like skanky Kate “enjoying herself with as many men as possible” means of course endulging in sex (after dinner and drinks of course). Wonder if Kate and other H-Wood sluts know whether the men have an STD or incurable disease? No, and they won’t know until they catch it and maybe spread it to others. But, hey, this is la-la land in all its perversions.

  9. Drugs and sex is what they had in common then he continued to use more than she.

  10. Chris should cut his hair and update his wardrobe. He looks like he just stepped out of 1971.
    The hair, the t-shirt, the dirty levis…..he’s living back in the early 1970’s!

  11. Kate sure is whoring it up these days. Janet isn’t she dating that cycling guy that used drugs to win the Tour de France?

  12. Yes, she is “dating” (sleeping with) Lance Armstrong. Also she goes back and forth to Owen Wilson, (that is when he is not contemplating killing himself again). Also, whoever else comes down the pike. Guess all these losers don’t care if they catch a disease.

  13. When Kate wed Chris, the world (including Goldie and company) wondered…..WHY.

  14. How does a Dad babysit his own kid? How does that work, exactly…does Mom babysit the kid when Dad is in the studio working?
    Come one Janet, wake up.

  15. HUGE PET PEEVE: when men say they are “babysitting” their own child. Is the mom supposed to then pay the dad for babysitting? If you ask a teenager to babysit, you pay her, so I guess then following that logic to its natural conclusion, Kate owes Chris some money for babysitting.

  16. Saw the kid on his Father’s shoulders in Central Park, NYC. Kid is not CUTE sorry to say and neither is his old man!

  17. Man y’all are some hating bitches. The marriage didn’t work, get over it! A different man a night makes a slut, not 2 (Armstrong and Wilson) and she ain’t even seeing Owen anymore. And yes, she is beautiful. But to save that kids ego, they should cut her hair.

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