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Star magazine bought a photo of his blonde flight attendant hugging Johnny Depp hello as he got on his private plane. They went on to speculate that Johnny cheated with this girl, Julie Ellis, 27, and that’s what broke up his 14 year relationship with Vanessa Paradis. Apparently Julie, an LA party girl who moonlights as a nude model, likes the idea of being linked to Johnny and her “friends” say they had a long running affair. Even if that’s true, we don’t really know exactly WHEN Johnny and Vanessa split – plus it’s out of character for him. With girlfriends in the past, he has not been a cheater. And we don’t say that about many Hollywood guys. (click here to see the “incriminating” photo)

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  1. He needs to take a shower, style that hair, and get to a dentist STAT. He looks like a bum, I don’t see the appeal at all.

  2. people lke him who desperately try to be in the limelights cover up their wrinkles by wearing sunglasses day & night!!

  3. all i see is a boss hugging a worker .He probably knows her since a long time and if every time that he hugs someone,he has an affair with this person,he had an affair with Vanessa Paradis’sister,Paradis’ mother,his publicist,keith Richards…

  4. He has always seen himself as a great studly stud, which to discerning to the wise and totally lost on the vapid stupidity of most money-hungry and man-crazy females. They will do anything to bed the rich and famous and possibly have his kid so they will be set for life. Johnny is having some kind of mid-life crisis and he may not wake up until he gets a gross disease from some little floozy.

  5. oops, meant to say: which IS discerning…

    PS: I agree with Palermo.

  6. I wonder if she likes the tobacco taste in her mouth?

  7. The pics would be incrimating if they were in bed. Them hugging in broad daylight is just a friendly hello. He is a free man he can sow his wild oats anytime.

  8. Hello….I believe you are correct. He is a single man. I wonder if Vanessa had pressed him for marriage or what the heck went on with them for all this time that they never made it down the aisle. My conclusion is we will never fully understand Depp. Furthermore, I don’t think he understands himself.

  9. What an air head you are @Christian India,

    “he doesn’t understand himself” ?

    Compared to what ? compared to You ? How could you possibly know ?

    Your comment is as insightful as most of your comments, long on criticism, short on humanity and utterly devoid of any insight.

    He’s made over 50 movies, people really love him and rarely say truly negative things about him. He has homes and friends all over the world and makes massive contributions to charity. He’s fun, way more honest about himself than most stars, and seems to genuinely like the public.

    He doesn’t understand himself ?

    What have you qccomplished, ever ? for all his faults he’s an incredibly hard working and talented guy, a good provider who doesn’t say idiotic things about complete strangers.

    He doesn’t know you exist, and for sure, would wan’t to be you.

  10. totally agree with Jenn, Mr. Depp’s seems a great guy and SOOOOO sexy !

  11. There’s not enough in that photo to even base speculation on.

    Nothing really points to mid-life crisis either. He doesn’t even seem to be partying excessively. Just a few shots with Heard, mostly film promotion- not even much there.

    Sadly 50% of all marriages break up. Period. Often financial concerns keep the ones that stay together, together. Very doubtful Vanessa was pressuring Johnny into marriage after 2 kids and 14 years. Neither seem like remotely conventional types.

    Last, Depp is in so few photos that aren’t work/promotion related it’s shocking anyone could honestly believe he’s a publicity hound. On his own time people VERY rarely see him. Which is the way it should be and a very good sign.

  12. Agree with Janet & Jen Lake, Rex & Fiona. Every flight attendant & her sister want their 15 min of fame, apparently. I sometimes wonder if JD allows these rumors to stay out there to give PR to friends/coworkers he knows want to be famous: the FA, the mermaid in Hawaii, Amber Heard? He doesn’t care if it makes him look bad. Other than that, I’m sick of seeing people gratuitously bashing this guy. He combined hard work with the good fortune of having movie star charisma and looks to go from flat broke to millionaire, actually twice in his career. A loving, generous guy who’s nice to his fans. Perhaps emerging from a few years in personal hell; severely depressed ppl don’t take care of themselves, and he’s exhibit A.

    For the kids’ sake, it would be nice to believe the rumors that he’s still in love with Vanessa, but how do we know the rumors that Vanessa was a shrew he’s glad to have escaped aren’t true? We don’t know anything, which is how he likes it, apparently.

  13. Good evening Jen Lake 2, how are you and hope you are doing well.

    I am NOT totally diss-ing Johnny, my dear. This is a moral issue is why I made the statement about him maybe not understanding himself. It is well known he is crazy about his 2 kids. What is so very strange (U must agree) is he left Vanessa for Amber Heard who is BI, but mostly leans to the ladies (out of her own mouth). This is indeed a blip on him, because his kids mostly will suffer for his indiscretions. So, I hope this settles the matter, and again I thank you for the comment. (I read Vanessa is devastated and will not take him back; I only read this, is all I know).

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