For the past few weeks, Amber Heard has been seen all over New York at events without her new husband. In March, Johnny was filming his fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie in Australia when he injured his wrist. On March 11, Johnny left for the US to have medical treatment here. He hasn’t been seen since. Depp was supposed to return to the movie set in Australia a week ago, but he did not appear. The filming schedule is messed up and no word from Johnny. Is he secretly in rehab? Rumors of marriage problems abound because Amber is always alone. She was photographed looking provocative this weekend at the premier of her movie “When I Live My Life Over Again.”

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Isn’t Amber a very well known lesbo? She is probably not dining alone.

  2. Oh strom you lonley sad fool you are jealous because no woman has ever wanted you.

  3. Amber is a crazy one and Johnny is just hiding out at Manson’s house. Johnny has been running away from Amber for awhile.

  4. Oh yeah, I’m also Gina Catone.

    Nurse, I’m STILL drooling. Get me several nappies.

    Oh god, the voices.

  5. Hey strom u need more than a nurse you need a toilet to flush yourself you piece of shit

  6. Leo you are correct in your assessment.
    Someone Pleash Flush me!
    I’m desperate for the voices to go away.

  7. Poor bitter little imposter.
    Can’t be Strom but wants to.

  8. I’ve got big fat flabby man tits that just hang really low.

  9. maybe he realized he needed out before the babies came…

  10. yes, the party is yours, he vanished for good…………….

  11. Small brained little imposter….ashamed to be itself because it wants to be Strom!

  12. A bit out of the loop there Janet.

    It generally known on set in Australia that Johnny was totally strung out during and after filming and burnt himself badly on the hand/arm, not during filming but when he was off set.

    The insurance company has refused to pay up on the set delays because of the manner in which the injury was received. His people and the studio are trying to keep the real story about the way in which Johnny received his burns a secret, or he will become uninsurable along with any movie he is in, so they sent him home in a private jet for treatment while they try and figure it out. He is MIA because he was badly burnt and probably needs skin grafts not to mention some serious drying out before he can go back to work.

  13. All the major blogs report this gal’s “preferences”. JD comes across desperate but hello don’t ALL ADDICTS?

  14. where did you get the idea that he was burned??? t he story was he broke his wrist in a go kart accident…

    on blind gossip, the latest is obviously about is a quote

    The truth is that he was not in a moving vehicle at all. He was actually in his mate’s house, he was totally drunk, and he hit something in a fit of anger.

  15. I read he’s recovering from repair surgery on burn injury .. still days to go before he will return on doctors okay. Maybe they told him to stop drinking or he won’t heal.

  16. I do not like (or dislike) Depp. However, at this point I think he has finally gone insane, berserk, nuts… other words his brain is totally F’d up.

    He shacks with a gal for years, produces 2 or 3 kids, then leaves them all to marry a much younger self-confessed lesbian. Is he in a drug or booze-induced stupor?

    He needs help, but who the hell can help him now?

  17. Amber is a weirdo. What is he doing with her? She’s a lesbian!!!

  18. I don’t understand how STROM hasn’t been banned. I come here to read valid comments, not the crap that idiot fills the feeds with daily. Way to manage a website.

  19. I agree that the Strom imposters should be banned too. They have no life and no intelligence and can only run behind my posts and make foolish statements.

    Isn’t Amber, like Hillary Clinton, a well known lesbo?

  20. johnny depp and his wife showed up in Australia yesterday, so filming should begin again

  21. …on second thought, I want to whole-heartedly apologize to all of Jabet’s readers for,leaving comments that were narcissistic, self-serving and otherwise useless and inane.

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