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Let’s face it, Jersey Shore should have ended at least two years ago. We happened to like the show, but it has been forced and awkward for the last few seasons. Youthful exuberance and endless partying makes sense for eighteen to twenty three year olds (the spring break crowd) but after that age, life takes over and parents are no longer supporting their kids. After the first few seasons, the Jersey Shore cast was so famous they needed bodyguards to hold back fans and they could no longer interact with strangers at clubs with resulting shenanigans. The show REALLY jumped the shark when The Situation went to rehab and gave up drinking and Snooki got pregnant. Personally, we would like to have seen the gang visit a far-away place like Japan or Malaysia each season and experience the culture shock.

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  1. Thank God it is about time!What really turned me off is that…I am black and this people where darker then me but yes it is about time! The reason..I did not like the show..Was because I did not want to learn there lazy way of speech and the men on the show did not do it for me and yes a nice chest and nice butt, The the face would have to go and matter of fact to hit that and get that..The men do not blow my mind and…I would have to drink a whole bottle of Vodka to even think about tapping that ass and the lights would have to be off..The men are nothing to write home about and did not think they where sexy and do-a-ble or even screw-a-ble and so the who show sucked and the lazy speech really tuned me off and Big Deal…To tell you the gods honest truth that show really blow ass and I only watched it for 5 minutes and turned it off and No matter what movie they did as a feature…I always thought they really sucked and there not sexy and there just a bunch of Drunks in my book but how can I miss something that I never paid attention to from the start but one thing this people got rich and they all made there mark in this world..But I am not a fan and would not even attemp to walk across the street to say Hello to this people.

  2. Good,….now Snooki will have plenty of time to suckle her kid and from the looks of her mammary glands, there will be enough milk left over for two orphans from Sudan. lol

  3. I agree it’s good they are gone…..they will all be working in bars in a few years.

  4. New/different meds. She used to think everything was beautiful.

  5. in general, people get smarter while the series continues.

    BUT THESE PEOPLE, snooki & friends, GET DUMB AND DUMBER……..

  6. Isn’t it amazing that you could get rich for doing nothing? Now there should be more reality shows canceled.

  7. Everything is a scam in my eyes. My women’s intuition is thinking that Snooki had it in her contract somewhere…maybe this was a planned unplanned? If so then this is one sick world. But just watch an episode of Jersey Shore and that’s self explanatory.

  8. I am proud to say that I have never seen an episode of this show. Unfortunately because of media coverage, I know who they all are anyway.

  9. I’m with Denise. I never watched one episode and can’t understand why anyone would (not to mention actually LIKING it). Unfortunately, I, too, know who these morons are because, like the Kardashians (who I also will not watch) are shoved down my throat by the media. Please, I beg all Americans, stop watching this garbage. We should collectively demand better and we do that by not watching this crap and not buying their products.

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