Jeremy Piven enjoys his powerful role as the ruthless agent Ari Gold on Entourage, and he’s not above putting his own two cents into casting the show. On a recent weekend, Jeremy rode the Planet Hollywood private jet from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, and he sat next to Whitney Houston. They started chatting about Entourage and Jeremy suggested that it would be fun to have Whitney make an appearance on the popular show. Whitney liked the idea. Jeremy was overheard calling a producer and telling him about Whitney as soon as the plane touched down in LA.

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  1. I love him. hes amazing. Hes Hot and i want to do him soooo bad.

  2. Forget it! They already had Mary J. Blige and she killed. Whitney is soooooo over.

  3. Just wondering….do that many even watch Entourage?

  4. That’s definitely better than SHITTING the whole fucking day, NOT?

  5. Janet why would a cool show like “Entourage” want a washed up 80’s act like Houston on their show? Doesn’t add up. Where do you get these ‘scoops’ from?

  6. this is a bomb idea whitney is alwayscenter of attention she is always in the limelight gret idea

  7. i also think this is a great idea nobody more gansta than whitney and have an entourage like whitney

  8. cmom now whitney will be on a sho people watch britney was on one people did not watch
    they probably can let whitney show more of her tartes tartes to big man piven

  9. whitney does not give up the tongue at all to kevin and denzel but i will love to see her kick some but and give piven some butt

  10. i wonder what whitneys body looks like and i bet pivens and houston would make a steamy sex scene

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