Mariah Carey probably has the FAKEST weight loss commercial for Jenny Craig that we’ve ever seen on TV. First of all, with all that hair whipping and camera zooming in and out, you can barely see her body. But when you DO, she seems thick and straight up and down without a waist. Maybe she should have waited a little longer before unveiling her “Jenny” figure. We‘re willing to bet that she has little or no familiarity with Jenny’s food or program. She was photographed after her twins were born working out like crazy with a personal trainer. Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watchers ad beats Mariah’s by a mile when it comes to plausibility.


  1. I must admit, I totally agree. I kind of snickered to myself when I saw the commercial. Yeah, I think it was too soon.

    Isn’t Jessica Simpson going to be the next spokesperson for Jenny Craig? I wonder how Jess’s battle with the bulge will play out?

  2. the commercial is a riot. totally annoying.
    and yes, she looks FAT!

  3. Who the hell in their right mind would trust ANY celeb shilling weight loss. Like, hello tummy tuck, and body lipo! gimme a damn break how dumb do they think folks are??

  4. well, she is used for being jobless.

  5. Nick cannon is hard worker. He worked before mariah and after mariah. Totally un called for the n word. Is any black person an n word? Is barack a nigger?! I think he is a piece of shit but not nigger.

  6. Well mariah had 2 kids and jennifer had 1. Ive never seen jennifer workout. Jennifer didnt get super skinny right after her surgery, baby, or jenny craig .

  7. Mariah looks okay, the commercial is riduculous, however Beyonce will have them all beat with her instant fantastic looking body. How did she do it?

  8. I too wasn’t impressed by the commercial when I saw it the other night. Most weight loss companies have you follow along with the celebrity, e.g. Carrie Fisher, Valerie Bertinelli which is more persuasive. This ad seemed contrived and never had Mariah speak that she’d actually used the program which is a huge tell.

  9. Personally, I think Mariah looks great. I cannot understand anyone calling her fat in this clip. I am not a fan of hers either so I’m not just taking up for her.

  10. You shouldn’t use the N word as it gives EEOC BLACK’s too much room to rant…even though they use it among themselves in most every paragraph.

    Mariah acts black, talks black and has much black blood. She is one of them when it suits her. Mariah and Beyonce better do the commercials now because they will both revert to fat in the years to come.

  11. I would love to see black blood. Forrest, you kinda dumb but I think you know that. You and your brother Strom can go home now.

  12. Paying a diet guru to tell you how to lose weight is ridiculous. Anyone with half a brain knows what is good for you vs. fattening. If you need help regarding diets, just look on the internet, suck it up, and stick to it.

  13. The Hammer has seen much black blood and speaks like a true ghetto cruiser….probably also saw many half breed Mariah’s there.

  14. Apparently you can’t show a pic of a black person because lust and hatred comes out of the mouth of a racist.

  15. I’ve only seen the commercial a couple of times, but the music alone just annoyed the living shit out of me. I agree; why can’t she just do a straightforward commercial like Jennifer Hudson does for Weight Watchers so we can SEE how much weight she’s lost (or not).

  16. Shut up Forrest. Try and show some class.
    You’re not shocking any of us. We take it from the source and expect poor form.
    If you really want to shock. Try being amusing and nice.

  17. that commercial is really annoying, and I can’t even understand the words she is singing(screaming).

  18. That commercial is the fakest thing ever. No woman, especially one who is 40, has twins and then looks like she never gave birth, not that fast any way. She doesn’t have a single stretch mark, nor ripple of skin, and the belly button looks fake. She clearly had lipo, tummy tuck, and God knows what else.

  19. strom,forrest and mel have the same diseased mind. how the hell did you end up on a gossip site together? why not get a room together or develop your own sick website.

  20. Sista, it’s not about posters so why not comment on the thread or something related…if you can.

  21. dearest strom it is about the posters too. you just don’t get it because you never had a friend. remember you have to be one to make one dummy. you live a pathetic life because you are full of hate. i bet you don’t believe in God.

  22. By Sister Rona,

    Why don’t you do what I do, to deal with Strom. I just skip over his comments. His comments are pathetically respetitive anyway. I know what he is going to write before he even writes it. So save yourself some time, and just ignore his ignorant rants. Easy, peasy!

  23. It is well known that Jennifer Hudson had lap band surgery and is a massive fraud.


  25. Janet sez “Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watchers ad beats Mariah’s by a mile when it comes to plausibility”

    Yeah, but then you’d have to watch that hypocrite and murder-apologist Jennifer Hudson (who, I’m sure it will come out later, had a gastric bypass or similar). Yes, I am one of the people decidedly not on the Hudson bandwagon.

  26. I think there’s an underground world of pharmaceuticals (ask Dr. Murray) that celebrities tap into, simply take a pill, and lose the weight.

    I wish they’d share it with the general public.

    These women are not working hard to lose their fat.

  27. .Jennifer hudson is a crack head just like her dead mother brother and nephew that died.from a drug deal gone bad niggers are all the same!!!!!

  28. To Bill:
    You’re pretty much a stereotypical white man. You think that all black people do drugs, & are just horrible people. Well you’re wrong. Stop your ignorant rants, racisim is terrible. Theres no need to be a prick. Ps: Jennifer Hudson’s family didn’t die in “a drug deal gone bad” You just think that because you have no common sense.

  29. Anyways, about this website. I thought the exact same thing. She looks so thick, her boobs make her look huge too. She needs breast reduction surgery, definantly. & the song on this commercial? Fucking annoying, all its saying is “You can make it.” Over & over again, Honestly, thats not a song, you sound like you have a studder.

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