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Bravo’s Executive Vice President Andy Cohen is changing late night TV. The tried and true talk show hosts endure their guests prolonged promotion of their projects while Andy asks the outrageous questions they would be afraid to ask – and he raises an eyebrow if the answer doesn’t seem honest. He gets away with it because Andy is such an enthusiastic fan of celebrities and all things showbiz oriented. According to the LA Times, Andy was voted “biggest gossip” in high school. His live nightly half hour show “Watch What Happens live” attracts not only Bravo stars but big names like Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Anderson Cooper, all of whom dropped their egos at the door. We can’t wait for the Ralph Fiennes Pajama Party.



  1. Smiling face of the devil he’s the mastermind behind all those crappy fake shows. Seems like a cool dude but gimme a break, he’s brought more trash to our country.

  2. @Mel Zipskin: I agree with you completely and I also suspect that deep down inside, he hates women.

  3. Andy likes the boys: “Andy Cohen to become first openly gay late night host”.

    He is active in the PFLAG and Point Foundation(supporting gay youth) with Kelly Ripa.

    I know….Who cares, right? 🙂

  4. ^^^On a lighter note^^^

    Patrick: Today I played ***Canadian Sunset*** on the piano and thought of you.

    ***One of the most beautiful songs ever written***

  5. What a bunch of negative crap! I suspect it’s because Andy is gay. Indy is boldly outright in HER beliefs (religious in bearing I believe).

    As for me, I LOVE Andy Cohen! He’s FRESH! Fun, happy, knowlegable about entertainment, has interesting fun games on his show and VERY fun guests who let it all hang out. I have been stolen away from Chelsea Handler by Andy Cohen AND I LIKE IT!!!

    GEEZ people, try to have some FUN in life, and let in some people who might not be as RIGID and UNBENDABLE as you are. You might find yourself going to bed laughing out loud, or maybe smiling later on at something silly you saw or heard on the show. In this day and age of so much serious and scary crap, teens killing themselves over being teased, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit of the opposite for a change? Damn! Don’t be so NEGATIVE!!!

  6. I second that Reta.

    And women love him. He is rich, powerful, talented and yes, gay. Some of you sound so jealous.

    Bully for him.

  7. Indy, that’s nice, thank you. I don’t know that song but I will google it.
    I had the day off today so Skooter and I went for an epic walk through the forests and along the beaches. It’s warm and sunny in Victoria. After the walk we had a nice long bubble bath with soft music and candle light. Brunch, a nap. Then we got wrecked and cooked a big turkey dinner for the girls.
    I’m really quite amazing you know.

  8. “big names like Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Anderson Cooper”

    Those are big names? Are you crazy?

  9. I don’t get it. I watched his interview on the WW show without knowing who he is or what he does. My impression : totally annoying, vapid.

  10. His being gay has NOTHING to do with the dumbing down of entertainment culture!! so get off your freaking high horse you silly damn people! The man is a charming purveyor of trash television. He’s good looking, so?? He’s gay, so what who cares?? nothing to do with what he does! He’s a mastermind of garbage entertainment, period.

    I don’t think he’s misogynist, @Willow, just a whore for money, broadcasting the lowest common denominator.

    Sheeple bow down to your trash tv you stupid cows.

  11. I don’t know this guy, but if he’s gay so in the hell what.

  12. PATRICK….Thanks. You MUST go to YouTube, and just enter the song. Many artists have done “Canadian Sunset”. It is sooo beautiful. Lemme know when you are done, that is if you want to.


  13. Andy Cohen is no different then Howard Stern; he’s only cleaner shaved and impishly cute. Deep down both men are evil. They prey on the morally weak and ungrounded. Both men have the gift of offering fame to fools who will sell their souls to the devil. Andy is more scary then HS because he comes across as safe and fun until you get sucked under like a nasty undertow in a calm river.

  14. He’s a gross, egomaniacal, misogynist. He was set up on a blind date with a young guy recently and actually was offended that the fellow didn’t “recognize” him. “Don’t you know who I am?” Andy actually asked. The date wisely made sure there would be no second date.

  15. Indy, I checked it out.
    It’s a nice piece. You are quite talented if you play that stuff.
    I am an old school punker so it’s not really my cuppa…
    But, thank you.

  16. I doubt Andy did any such thing on a date. That sound like some made up Hollywood bullshit to me to libel the man. It’s old standard type of gaybashing. Andy is a very nice person and not at all full of himself. I’d bet anything that scenario NEVER happened, OR that he dated a “young guy”. Andy is mature and I know he likes the Anderson Cooper types, older, good looking mend with some good milage and something TO TALK ABOUT!!!!! He doesn’t want to date a baby!

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