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Denise Richards appears to be rekindling and old romance with her Starship Troopers costar Patrick Muldoon. The two dated briefly back in 1998 but remained friends through the years. “Days of Our Lives” actor Patrick, 43, was included in a celebration Denise, 40, had in July for her newly adopted daughter Eloise. Last night they had a dinner date at Madeo and if body language means anything, they are more than friends. Patrick kept a firm grip on Denise as they left the restaurant.


  1. Denise was a pretty woman but she must be a total airhead in real life. Many a man has sampled Denise’s wares over the year.

  2. She’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel if she’s dating this guy. I’ve seen him on Days of Our Lives and he’s very effeminate looking and acting. If he’s not gay, he does a good imitation of it.

  3. Methinks Denise will be trolling for a permanent man for a long time. The back and forth to Charlie Sheen (who reportedly beat her up) would be a giant turn-off, except for a quick fling. She must be living totally on her monthly payment child support from Charlie, as her career seems to be in the tank.

  4. I think she has always been one of the better looking women in Hollywood, and always kept herself in shape. I really am not familiar with this guy, and he doesn’t appeal to me in the least, esp with THAT hair. I don’t understand why hunky, well-off men aren’t lined up at her door, but it could be Charlie that scares them away. I wouldn’t want HIS crazyness in MY life either.

  5. Wasn’t she back together with Richie Sambora? Or is that so last week?

  6. he’s a fan of Buck Rogers.
    so his life isn’t too serious, folks!!

  7. Patrick Muldoon is wearing the same toupee that he had in the Starship Troopers movie.

    I would love to see Denise naked!

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