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Jennifer Lopez arrived for her appearance on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart trussed up like a sexy dominatrix and left like a casual girl. Jennifer is furiously promoting her new movie with Jason Statham, “Parker,” in New York and changes her clothes several times a day. Her black leather outfit includes spiked gloves and thigh high boots. Before she departed she slipped into something more comfortable – a plaid coat, t-shirt, and beat up jeans.

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  1. She’s getting those lion eyes from too much surgery. If you look at her old Flygirl photos, she has totally changed her face and is getting scary looking. Stop, Jenny!

  2. She has had mucho plastic surgery, check out photos from Selena days when her natural was a frizzy head hispanic.

    No one, other than a Kardashian, has so little talent and was so willing to have sex with multiple BLACKS in order to gain fame. What is amazing is that anyone would pay money to support her lifestyle by attending the concerts or movies. Each $$ she makes comes usually from poor female hispanics.

  3. Strom you don’t anything about weaves or wigs!?!? Jennifer is not the only one wearing them. Blacks fuck better that is why they fuck with them. White guys just lays there but they do have money and the complexion connection.

  4. I think she has one of the best bodies out there and can still dance great for an older woman

  5. Much of the body is retouched and the hair is always a weave or wig….it is all image bs.

    She is trash that was willing to provide mucho sex to BLACKS to seek fame.

  6. Happy to say I’ve never run into any of those “white guys [who] just lay there”.

  7. please remember: this IS still “Jenn From Da Block”, folks!!

  8. Denise watch a couple of pornos. Just because they move their hips back and forth they are a bore and a chore. In real life its like oh god, really, they move like jagger. Hispanics, native italians and blacks are just more passionate.

  9. You can see a couple of hispanics who went BLACK (JLO and Eva Longoria) are both fame whores. Must have very low esteem to do that plus need so much attention. Either of them without wigs and makeup are very plain hispanic women.

  10. Jason Statham is hot, but I refuse to see anything with J Ho in it!

  11. There is nothing plain and comfortable about this bitch…That beat up jeans probably cost more than my house..Go away Jlow

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