Jennifer Hudson says she didn’t realize she was overweight until a red carpet reporter asked her how it felt to be a “big girl in Hollywood.” Jennifer was startled because she thought “In Chicago, where I come from, I’m a normal size!” (Midwesterners do tend to be hearty!) When she started Weight Watchers, Jennifer says she also started feeding her son the right way too. 80 pounds later, Hudson has been bombarded with job opportunities and has dawned on her that “big girls” in Hollywood don’t get nearly as many offers and scripts.


  1. Sad fact, but unfortunately true. Hollywood is the most shallow place on earth. This is confusing because they are supposed to be making movies that apeal to the average people. The average woman is a size 14. Why do people keep buying into this stereotypical anorexic image of how a woman should look. Was the movie Precious not enough to convince them that people wanted to see something different?

    Jennifer is beautiful now, but she was beautiful before the weight loss as well. Too dramatic of a weight loss. If she keeps it off for 5 years I will be convinced. Diets don’t work!! Ask Oprah.

  2. She is completely right about this. I can’t help but love her personality and that sweet soulful voice of hers. I hope she can continue to maintain the weight loss and eat healthy (her son too!).

    I love chocolate (especially Hershey Kisses with almonds.). If reincarnation exists, I am hoping to come back as a Keebler elf.

  3. She is a very talented and beautiful young woman. But I’ve noticed too as the weight came off, her taste in clothes has improved greatly. Hopefully we’ll never see her again in anything like that silver cropped jacket she wore to the Oscars the first time. What a hideous outfit that was! She looks stunning in the picture above.

  4. funny, because as a fat actress she won an Oscar and most skinny hollywood bitches will never even be nominated.

  5. Her lap bands and liposuction fool nobody. She will gain every ounce back and come on, she doesn’t ‘sing’ she yells.

  6. She needs a supportive bra. That dress exposed way too much of her now-deflated boobs.

  7. She should chose another type dress if she wants to show cleavage. This is laughable. She was on the View 2 or 3 days ago holding her little boy. She sang something and pippa is correct, she yelled every word and could not understand a word of it.

  8. Hahaha, I first read: “The Girls Have More Opportunities”. I thought she was referring to her flapjacks!

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