We’re going to remember Elizabeth Taylor when she was most beautiful and probably happiest – with Richard Burton. We never agreed with her desire to acquire as many diamonds from as many men as possible, but she did provide a lot of gossip through the years and she had a sense of humor. At one point she tried to get her beloved dog Sugar cloned at Michael Jackson’s suggestion, but she ended up settling for a new puppy. We’ll miss her idiosyncrasies – and she was a real MOVIE STAR.


  1. She was absolutely beautiful for decades. I also think she was a tiny bit nutty and loved to be dominated (physcially and otherwise) by her men (like Todd and Burton).

  2. Truly a shame Hollywood loses another one. She was stunning in her day & all natural, plus all the aids charity work she’s done over the years. RIP Liz.

  3. Those breasts were real too,,,,something today’s celebs don’t understand!

  4. Not so much a ”shame”… for her to die at 79 after the life she led on her own terms… (and her life long health problems) but

    definitely a loss for Hollywood, tho she had not made a movie forever, she was one hell of a broad.
    rest in peace Elizabeth.

  5. “TRUE BEAUTY” best describes Ms. Taylor.

    A one of a kind, that will never be duplicated. The world has truly lost an iconic treasure.

    A Life Well Lived!!

  6. the world was a much better place with her being in it, that is for sure. a beautiful hard working compassionate woman.

    THIS reunion with all her old men should be a hoot!!

  7. Elizabeth Taylor … what a BEAUTY, especially inside.

    When no one was out there in 1980s, especially Reagan, doing anything to help human beings suffering from AIDS, she was at the forefront starting fundraiser for the AMFAR, the American AIDS Foundation. She is an angel to so many, having given of herself in so many ways.

    She is also known for being one of the few celebrities who managed her money really well. She has much real estate, stock, and more all over the world. What a smart lady, too!

    Elizabeth: much Love and Appreciation for your giving ways. You will be missed, but we thank you for having touched so many heart.

  8. Dame Elizabeth Taylor,

    For so long she held the title “The Most Beautiful Woman In the World, but yet she personally gave the titles to Lena Horne and Ava Gardner instead of herself.
    Elizabeth will forever be recognized as a
    “True Hollywood Jewel”.
    With the knowledge that she has passed on, I miss her already.
    In the weeks to come, look for magazines being written about the life and times of Elizabeth, and expect to see many “tabloid chronicles” of her life. I will be looking forward to the pictures of her that I may have missed out on over the years.
    Thank You for sharing 2 of Elizabeth’s most famous portraits!!

  9. My mom used to hang out with her brother. She told us when we were kids how she met Elizabeth, who was I think 17 at the time. She said that her and her group of friends arrived at ET parents house to pick up the brother & Elizabeth came “dancing” down the stairs to meet them. ET had no makeup on and was wearing a simple dress. My mom said she was stunningly, naturally beautiful. My mom was very pretty & usually compared to Olivia DeHavilland, but my mom always said that ET was the most beautiful woman she ever saw. She also said that ET wanted to hang out with her group, but the studio was always controlling her and kept her very busy.

  10. FunMe,no one could say it better. And to georgie, thank you for a lovely story, the ones we need more of.

  11. hopefully she has redeemed herself for all of the foolishness of her adult life esp. middle age. clearly the marrying multiple men showed her searching for that something that any of her husbands could provide. she seemed to wise up in her latter years.

    RIP, to the not so good actress, who was fortunate enough to get very good roles.

  12. Beautiful woman, but what amazes me is the fact how quickly she deteriorated physically comparing to her contemporaries. The women she stole husbands from still look great, can walk and think on their own. ET has been wheelchair bound for years and very frail. Any secret vices we should know of? Janet?

  13. RIP Liz! How many have died and have been exposed to from AIDS since Liz became involved and took the spotlight off the major cause of it was gay sex!

  14. And now we have the Westboro Baptist church planning on picketing her funeral. These people are desperate for attention and I hope that no one even glances their way. What a shame people are so hateful.

  15. Strom, you are so ridiculous. I used to know Elizabeth Glaser. Her and her baby didn’t die from gay sex. Also, to the person that said Elizabeth couldn’t act, are you freaking kidding me??? She was a fabulous actress and won 3 oscars. She started very young and most of her life was controlled by other people, so naturally she made some mistakes in her private life, who doesn’t? The woman just died for godsake, and she wasn’t a monster, or tyrant or anything like that. The people who knew her remember her as a kind & beautiful person.

  16. btw, speaking of monsters, does anyone know why we can’t comment on the Jennifer Lopez post?

  17. I see Zsa Zsa had a breakdown and had to be rushed to hospital on hearing news of Elisabeth’s passing.
    Zsa Zsa had to make it about Zsa Zsa.

  18. Storm, you and your ignorance belongs in hell. Move along …

  19. Dame Elizabeth Taylor was a class act all the way AND a fabulous actress. Anyone who says she couldn’t act needs to go watch “Cat On a Hot Tin Roof”. Or “Virginia Wolff”.
    I bought a huge book several years ago that she put out. It’s got huge pictures of her jewelry and descriptions of where and why and who gave them to her. very interesting read and beautiful pictures.
    Hey, SOMEBODY had to own those pieces! Glad it could be La Liz!

  20. No, I won’t remember “when she was most beautiful, and happiest” just because she was younger and more in the spotlight – one of her legacies which nobody wants to acknowledge is that was never ashamed of that terrible thing that happens to humans – aging. And she didn’t let a stupid number or even reliance on a wheelchair limit her from experiencing life…because she was…alive. That is conscious living, and sets an example for all. And she had such a huge family of descendants around her – perhaps a different happiness than being with wild, drunk Richard Burton, but also perhaps more internally satisfying.

  21. After Elizabeth, the second most beautiful woman on earth (imho) is Vivien Leigh who played Katie Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind. She was gorgeous, and in a way she was more raunchy than Elizabeth.

  22. Elizabeth Taylor was gorgeous, in her day. To the poster who asked about her vices, she spent time in the Betty Ford Clinic for treatment of alcohol and prescription drug addiction. I always wondered if Mike Todd hadn’t died, if she would have remained married to him for the long term, but then again, who could resist Richard Burton?

  23. My cousin married her son, Michael Wilding Jr, way back in the early 70’s (I think it was 1971, not sure though)… they met at the University of Hawaii and got married not long after… I remember my aunts were all excited because they thought that somehow they were now celebrities… lol…

    My cousin ended up living in a hippy commune in Wales with Elizabeth’s son… then she had a baby with him, name of Leyla… they got divorced not long after that.

    What I know is that Elizabeth Taylor made sure that Leyla never wanted for anything… she paid for all of her schooling right thru college, took her on lavish vacations with her every summer, gave her everything she needed.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I know that Liz had a good heart. Anyway, rest in peace, Elizabeth Taylor.

  24. Indy I agree with your Viv Leigh choice as second most beautiful.
    Although not as large on the richter scale of movie star beauties my all time favourite was Julie Newmar. Must be the cat suit thing.

  25. They don’t make ’em like they used to.

    And I would love to know what is in the last letter Burton wrote her — the one he wrote on the day he died and she kept on her nightstand.

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