So it wasn’t really “distance” that split up Ben Affleck, 46, and his girlfriend Lindsay Shookus, 38. We’re guessing Lindsay diplomatically used the excuse that they lived on different coasts to explain their sudden breakup – she couldn’t very well admit that Ben’s booze relapse was the real reason. Observers assumed that Ben dumped Lindsay for the Playboy model he’s been seen with – but it appears that Lindsay had enough of his drinking. Lindsay is a successful and smart SNL producer and she doesn’t have to put up with his nonsense. The real hero in this scenario is Ben’s long-suffering ex-wife Jennifer Garner – SHE recognized his problem and organized Ben’s trip to rehab. He’ll never find another woman like her…

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  1. Garner’s publicist works overtime to portray her as the perfect god fearing 1950’s housewife. In reality it is Jenn who led this poor long suffering man to use drugs, drink and gamble. Let’s get the story straight.

  2. Ben is extremely lucky he got rid of the other Jen, the always fame seeking and greedy J Lo!

  3. These two have three amazing kids together. It’s in the best interest of those children, who they both clearly love, to have parents who are clean and sober.

    Jennifer Garner is supporting her children’s father’s health and happiness.

    And he has an addiction struggle that he is trying to overcome.

    Whose family doesn’t have at least one person who is also struggling.

    Wish them the best.

  4. Garner is nuts to keep fooling with him, who has cheated on her many many times. She has a screw loose and maybe has lost touch with reality.

  5. she isn’t ‘screwing’ with him. she is his wife. they have children. they are a family. he’s damn lucky to have her to save him from himself with this wicked dis-ease called alcoholism…

    what she has is unconditional love. try to get some.

  6. The word screw is used in the context in that he had a fairly long torrid affair with Lindsay Shimkus. Now it is reported they have broken up and he has moved on to the next one in line. If Jenn desires to continue to push him into therapy and rehab, it’s her biz, altho I think most of the world is wondering….WHY.

  7. I completely agree with the first comment. Jennifer Garner is trash. Remember girl, careful what you wish for, you may get it. She wanted this guy, got him and got a whole lot more, like herpes! Oh my!

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