Hopefully those rumors about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner splitting are not true – and they will turn out to be just headlines made up by tabloids lacking real scoops. Not being photographed together for a few weeks is hardly evidence of imminent divorce. Jennifer continues to be the mother everyone would like to have – above, she walked her rambunctious son Samuel, 3, to school in Brentwood along with her nanny and another mom with her child.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. Why does a nanny have to go along to take a 3 year old to school?

  2. making things up is in showbusiness the way to be the talk of the town.

  3. A ‘perfect’ mother such as Jennifer will always haved doubts about his cheating, high-stake poker playing somewhere in the back of her mind. These 2 things are Ben’s hobbies and he does not wanna change.

  4. There’s trouble brewing, but there might not be a divorce.

  5. I have a delusional dx; many “personalities”.

  6. Leave her alone! I have a nan…er, personal care attendant.

  7. If this woman is such a good and competent mom, why does she have so manny nannies?

    Jen is from the south and white, those people know how to look like they are putting a good face on things, but this bitch is grimmy.

  8. Their marriage has been over since long. And why does Samuel look like Matt Damon?

  9. She’s married to a cheater, and it’s only a matter of time before they divorce. Sad for the children.

  10. I’ve never been married. Heck, I’ve never had sex with anyone except with myself. Does that count ? Am I a virgin or not?

    Does th blow up plastic doll count?

  11. Poor little imposters, they want to make this so about themselves… jealous of the success of Strom, Ben, and Jen Garner!

  12. The Jlo publicity machine still works overtime to print negative Ben A. articles. Whether true or not doesn’t matter!

  13. That kid looks like Matt Damon! Did Jenn and Matt have a fling?

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