Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have to worry about running into anybody she’d rather avoid when she eats at her favorite restaurant, The Tower Bar on Sunset Strip. Staffers at the restaurant like Jennifer so much they named a drink after her. Back when she was single she brought various guys there including John Mayer. Now that Jennifer frequents the place with her boyfriend Justin Theroux, there might be a few people she’d rather not run into, and she doesn’t. The restaurant host discreetly tips her off about who’s there before she arrives so she can adjust her plans accordingly.

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  1. Poor Jen, she will always be known as “The girl from TV”

  2. The dress was gorgeous and nice to see her take risks. But as my mother used to say, “Do something with that hair!”

  3. Maybe, just maybe, Jen has now come to terms that she really really lost her man to the maneater Jolie. Latest pics of Brad = greasy long hair, looks like he’s drugged or drunk, and their have been reports of them fighting over Jolie’s wanting to wear the pants in the family. Plus, the 6 spoiled brats are wearing him down what with constant traveling. I bet Jen is grinning from ear to ear. To me though, Justin is no prize, as he left his live-in girlfriend of 15 years without so much as a qualm to be with Jen, who has dated just about every bachelor in GollyWeird.

  4. They look very happy together. I love that dress, but also wish she’d do something different with her hair.

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