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Jennifer Aniston has a cocktail named after her. One of her favorite hangouts is the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood where she likes to order margaritas made to order. As much as Jen loves margaritas, she hates the extravagant calories, so she orders a special diet margarita that is not on the menu. It’s made with fresh lime juice, crushed ice, premium tequila, and a dash of agave syrup. Bartenders have nicknamed it β€œThe Aniston.” So if you want a sensible drink, that’s what you should order.

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  1. Looks like Jen’s boobs are starting to droop. Had to happen sooner or later I guess. She had a good run anyway.

  2. Jen has a great figure but that dress is making her look twice her age. Think someone got dressed in the closet. Time to fire the stylist.

  3. She looks wonderful (as usual) and the dress is lovely on her. She looks like a young lady should. ……..before anyone writes anything unkind….Anyone in their 40’s & 50’s are still plenty young to me. πŸ™‚

  4. Good Morning Denise!! πŸ™‚ Sit down and join me for strawberry pastry & hot coffee!

  5. At the risk of being cheeky, I would guess Anisten has more than one cockTALE to share!

  6. yoyo is correct. That style does not flatter her no matter the cost. And it does nothing for her bosom area either.

  7. She does have a pretty good body for a woman of her age. This is usually the case when a her face is not so flattering. A woman got to work with what she’s got.

  8. Her face is no prize….picture her as a brunette and w/o hair and she is scary w/ that chin.

  9. She will never age.

  10. She is still mightily pissed off, because:

    1) Angelina stole her man.
    2) Angelina is prettier. Ang. has big lips and Jen has a big chin.
    3) She can’t seem to land a man, the one she snagged now is a fame whore.
    4) She is reading in all the rag mags how Ang and Brad are constantly traveling to fabulous places and she is here working non-stop on her bod and lamenting she didn’t have kids with Brad so there would always be a connection.
    5) She is constantly saying she is so very happy and contented now; the more she says it the more we know she’s lying to herself.
    6) Yes 20/20 hindsight hurts.

  11. Jennifer is very very insecure. I read (along with pics) that shortly after she started dating Brad that she was scared stiff that Brad would go back to his last live-in love, which was Gwyneth Paltrow. So to boost her morale, she rented an entire Mexican restaurant for 5 or 6 hours, invited 15 or so friends and had mucho Mexican grub and pitchers of Margaritas. All the while she was crying on their shoulders and they were trying to console her telling her that Brad was done with Gwyneth and was now with her. Yes, she is very insecure, and part of the evidence is that she hides her huge chin with her hand and hair every chance she gets. (Their Mexican waiter took secret pics and sold this story to the rag mag).

  12. I think it is a nice photo of Jen. The shoes are fab, as is the dress. And as usual her hair is great.

    She is 40 something, and as to the placement of where her breasts sit, looks fine to me. At least they are not big fat ugly fake plastic bags adhered to her chest.
    As for her new man… Nope.

    Indy, I don’t know about calling Angelina pretty. To me she has a persian cat face – one that looks like it hit a brick wall and the features are all squished up flat. Having said that, she is attractive and I do think persian cats are adorable. Plus I think Jen would be of a more sunny and nicer disposition than the fruit cake that is Angelina. Brad made his bed, he can lie in it.

  13. Greetings Cal !! I like lemons in my strawberry pastry!! LOL ….yes, I am only kidding. LOL


    Hey Indy, πŸ™‚ How’s it going?! πŸ™‚

    I think most actresses/actors are more insecure than the usual person simply because they are on tv. If I was on tv, I
    have no doubt that I would be critized big time!! lol

    However, I don’t think Jennifer Aniston is as insecure as people (media) make her out be. I feel certain (my opinion of course) that she would have had babies w/Brad if had had exhibited himself to be more settled down. I think she was smart that she didn’t have babies with him because I seriously doubt her would be faithful. Things work out well for cheatin Brad & the Angie-Lou simply because both are not committed to being faithful. Just because Jennifer dates this one and that one doesn’t mean she is husband shopping (or baby daddy shopping). I think she is more than capable of being happy spending time with her friends, spending money on great vacations and doing her own thing. It’s always a wonderful thing to be loved and I’d love for her to wind up with a prince one day. πŸ™‚

  14. Am I the only one who’s attention is on that margarita rather than her? πŸ™‚

  15. @Amanda,

    Margarita does sound pretty good. I like the way you think. LOL πŸ™‚

  16. And Hey to you Walt: Everything is going OK, but sometimes I think my brain is turning to oatmeal from following the wacky world of celeb gossip. LOL.

    Hope y’all are well; I know you’re well-fed…LOL.

  17. Isn’t that the receipe for the Skinny Girl margarita?


  19. Don’t get me wrong, my comments weren’t meant to be hateful just kinda stating a fact. Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorite actresses. I also think she a gorgeous creature. I for one have never even noticed her chin, not like Reese Witherspoon’s chin anyway. I wish nothing but the best for Jennifer. Angelina Jolie, to me, isn’t hot anymore anyway she’s way to thin and for only being 35 or so is haggard looking.

  20. I don’t care for that dress on Jennifer. She has a really good body, and I don’t think the style of the dress compliments her. I really dislike the white shoes. I think she’s beautiful – much more beautiful than Angelina Jolie. I wish people would get off her case about Brad Pitt. Enough already. Clearly they have both moved on so why do the media/public keep harping on their past relationship?

  21. I can’t stand Angelina Jolie either and her face is not perfect, but overall her face looks better than Jen’s.(jmho). Jen has a better figure; after all she is not worn down with worrying about Brad cheating and most of all she is not worn down with 6 kids, even tho there ARE nannies. And there are reports that Angie is about 20 pounds underweight, you can just look at her and ascertain this fact.

  22. Jennifer Aniston STOLE somebody else’s boyfriend! Now she can worry about him cheating on her soon.

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