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We have to give credit to Olivier Martinez for hanging in there – his relationship with Halle Berry has lasted longer than we expected. He’s a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. We can just imagine Olivier flinching every time Halle badmouths the father of her child, Gabriel Aubry, or drags him back into court for child custody debates. Her disturbingly vindictive relationship with Aubrey must make Olivier stop and think…(Above, Halle, Olivier, and Nahla are leaving an LA restaurant after lunch)


  1. Y’know the ol’ saying, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing? That rule applies here. However, her daughter’s a cutie.

  2. Yep but her mother is a nut case usually called Halle Scary.

    The fake tits and the industry fawning owner a light skinned black woman have given her a totally uppity attitude but if you are close you know she, like Whitney Houston, can’t put 5 words together in a sentence.

  3. Behind every (great??)man there is a woman??
    By all indications Halle has gone Olivier not only by following in his footsteps, but in wearing a similar hairstyle. Hopefully she will keep a reality check about this known Casanova who usually avoid the limelight!!

  4. Hey Leo!!! I left you a (lengthy) note under Faye Dunaway comments!! 🙂

  5. Halle is a perfect example of a woman in her more mature years that has a great body with a face to match.

    Olivier knows Halle is not of the child bearing years, so he really has nothing to worry about. He can walk away whenever he likes and Halle probably knows this. No strings. Sometimes this works best.

  6. Little Nahla looks like she’s going to be even more beautiful than her mother.

  7. This chick is def a mental case. She needs YEARS of therapy.

  8. Casonia Sade Logenberry Fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay and Tom Cruise Can't Cook in Real life Major Joke. says:

    Living with people can become a problem…Bad Habits and Standards always come to play and unfairness of a relationship and most of all frustrations all of a sudden cause tention in a relationship.

  9. Casonia Sade Logenberry Fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay and Tom Cruise Can't Cook in Real life Major Joke. says:

    When some one is a Pig is one good reason to leave and when the person is very Pig like in House Hold and that means not picking up after themselves can be a real turn off… When the other person has to start cleaning more and more…That in it self can kill a relationship in the Bedroom…Who in the Hell want to have Double work tossed there way and then have Sex with there mate?

  10. Casonia Sade Logenberry Fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay and Tom Cruise Can't Cook in Real life Major Joke. says:

    The person may have a bad temper and not listen to any problems in the relationship and when a problem is addressed and the other partner blows it off and then does nothing about it…It becomes a problem that is never handled and there is no closure and there is not going forward in a relationship and the problem remains and it is never taken care of and there fore the relationship gets stuck.?

  11. Casonia Sade Logenberry Fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay and Tom Cruise Can't Cook in Real life Major Joke. says:

    Walking away and never addressing issues and then the other person always wants to enore the problem and act like it is going to go away. Not true! Only good Healthy and strong relationship with respect for each other and concern and worry and solveing problems before they get too out of hand and If Mrs Halle Berry is living alone…She is a very strong woman! Standing strong and Proud and has Standards that the other person can’t reach and she needs to be alone to…Lose Drama.

  12. Casonia Sade Logenberry Fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay and Tom Cruise Can't Cook in Real life Major Joke. says:

    Stop fighting over a child and share the little lady baby girl and as far as child support pay it and end all the stress..Share that child and go on to have other children? Two young people fighting and if they go there own way of course they share a child together and just be nice to each other and think about the start of the relationship and think about good times and laughs and smiles and leave all the bad stuff behind…

  13. She sets you up just to bring you down.. a happy mood killer.

  14. Hi Walt, nice to hear from you, old buddy.

    And now (lol) on to my usual poison pen tongue: I can’t stand Halle. I always get the feeling she is stuck-up and thinks she is better than anyone else. And, as Janet said, I think she would be very hard to live with. Gabriel should be glad to be away from her; his brains were def in his pants to have a kid ’cause surely he could see that things were going to go downhill soon (and they did). She was on Oprah a few months back and all she did was whine about men and life in general. And why does everyone fawn over her looks; I don’t think she looks that great. And, oh yeah, gorgeous white top that’s fixing to fall down and expose her tits.

  15. Greetings Indy!!! I’ve missed you!! 🙂

    I have to agree with you on Halle. I suspect that she was run over or abused in some way years ago because she appears to be (at least to me) very defensive and unhappy. Such a beautiful woman. She has a beautiful little girl, great health (to the best of my knowledge), excellent career, beauty, no end to male companionship…etc. She just doesn’t seem happy or fulfilled.

    ………perhaps I am wrong and she simply scowls for the paparazzi and their intrusion..???

  16. Not compared to the full on Mandingo black behind her. Halle’s 1/2 blackness has really given her the attitude, but also is part of the reason she became famous. Without makeup she is a very plain looking woman w/ implants.

  17. Can we please stop with the “Saint Aubry BS”
    Most likely he did staring acing like a a**hole once HB decided to move on. Ms HB don’t have to stay with a man just to say a got a man. Why hasn’t Saint Aubry found a GF that wants his preconceived “perfect & saintly” a**.

  18. Thank you RCG for your comment, because what you said is so true. Everyone has jump on his side, when it takes two people to make a relationship works.

  19. halle is an older mom and understandably extremely attached to her only biological child.
    halle wants her child with her at all times including when she is out of the country visiting her bf or filming a movie and this conflicts with the father of her child’s visitation rights.
    the ex has been described by most who know him as a good guy. aubry appears to be a good parent who wants to be around his daughter as much as possible.
    halle and aubry are in court ironing out the deatils of the custody of their daughter.

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