Faye Dunaway was INDIGNANT when yesterday’s story about her landlord-tenant rent control battle came out, and she couldn’t help but defend herself. Faye insisted she CHOSE to leave the apartment because of the “state” it was in, and was NOT evicted. Her issues were bugs and the need for paint. She described her landlord as a “slum landlord” and pointed out that he had “no class.” It makes you wonder why she kept the place for 17 years if it was so awful. Faye didn’t forget to leave her landlord some choice voice mail messages, ending with “I hope you have a terrible life!”


  1. Hoo-hah! I’m sure she’s LIVID because of the negative publicity (and Corolla ownership disclosure 🙂 ). Figures she’d be spitting nails at the landlord over this—(and with those military-grade choppers of hers, she could!)

  2. I am hoping the landlord shows the media the interior of the apartment after she vacates. Maybe this will help her to better afford her generic vodka and cost cutter lithium.

  3. @Chicagoland,

    “…military-grade choppers”


  4. @Chicagoland – LOL!!!

    She sure has quite the pair of fangs. Is she foaming at the mouth? 17 years is a long time to rent & since she hasn’t been busy, other than cruising J Crew toilets, could have done the repairs herself. For goodness sake, there are people living under bridges who’d be more than happy to have a slumlord super & drive a Toyota. Careful what you wish upon others Mommy Dearest.

  5. Thanks for following up on this Janet. I’m sure that Faye thought it better to give up the apartment than to face the inevitable swarm of paparazzi gnats buzzing about the Housing Court.

    @Chicagoland, those are some very impressive teeth she’s got there. Military grade you say?

    P.S. I’m a very proud Toyota (Camry) owner. On my second one now. Very dependable and good on gas.

  6. Denise, there seems to be a little backstory behind Faye’s improbable smile—not unlike the fiction she wove about her having given birth, as opposed to her actual adoption of son Liam.

    Several years ago, as I recall, Faye announced out of the blue that she was “getting braces—just like Tom Cruise.”

    And she did. The thing was, when said braces came off, after a very short period of time, Faye’s not-so-great smile was replaced in its entirety with the improbable locomotive grin you see in the pic above.

    Subsequently, she was the “guest corpse” on a CSI that I saw, and every time she deployed those monster chiclets it was frightening.

    Some Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist really went to town on her grill, no?

    As for Toyotas, I’m a big fan. And know at two people who are each on their third Camrys—with no plan to buy any other vehicle in the future; Toyota done good! 🙂

    But I’d be willing to bet that her landlord was pretty happy when he found out what she drives, via his research into her lifestyle. If he knows that she apparently couldn’t manage a rent increase, then he knows she’s on the ropes—and it puts him that much closer to getting rid of her—which is evidently what happened.

  7. Oh, and she reminded me of Roseanne (Barr) in this pic.

  8. Hey, were all Camry drivers! Love it. Mine has the six and goes like stink. Also my sewcond too. Maintednence free for ever.
    As for Faye, what a cunt.

  9. Please pardon the irrational, but she said that she left the apartment because of the state that it was in. Did it take her 17 years to realize that her apartment was in “the state” of New York?? Forgive the non-sense of humor.
    If Bonnie Parker/Mommie Dearest/Oscar Winner/Faye Dunaway had such choice words for “her slumlord” and accused him of Not having any class, I can only imagine a handful of responses that he had for her including, Get Lost,Goodbye, and Good Riddance!!

  10. So, no climatic courtroom scene, then?


    Was kinda hoping to see Faye get all “DON’T FUCK WITH ME, FELLAS! THIS AIN’T MY FIRST TIME AT THE RODEO!!” with the housing tribunal.

  11. Casonia Sade Logenberry..I think that Elisa the Crazy mean hearted nut case needs to leave Hells kitchen Next..She is Rude and talks really smart and I wish I was there to call her some names and really get under her skin and say some really rude and nast says:

    Faye Honey Dunaway Dear…You can live like a Queen and have a wonderful life and You can afford to buy your own house and really fix it up..You have millions of dollars in the bank and your pocket book really rocks and to stay at a place for 17 years and know your not happy is really nuts and…To have Bugs..What kind of Bugs and that is gross and nasty and to need a new paint job is long over due after 17 years is crazy and nuts and they should paint every 3 or 4 years and after 17 years of not painting means they are really cheap… But really you can afford to move and get a better place? You should have a really good life and be treated with Respect and kindness.

  12. I work for a credit card company in collections and have come across my share of bizarre and strange card users but none was stranger than Faye Dunaway. Her card was over the limit and she had fallen behind one month so it was suspended until she made a payment. She was declined for a purchase and her assistant called in the most mousy, squeaky voice and politely asked if we could let a purchase go through right away and she promised to make a payment at the bank the next morning. Before I could answer Faye Dunaway took the phone and started with the do you know who I am, I will have your job routine. She was the most obnixious, rudest, belligerent bitch I had ever encountered to that point. She handed the phone back to her assistant without allowing me to say a word and started berating her for saying please to me. It was with much glee I declined to open her card until a payment was made. I think her assistant must be related to her as I can’t see how any sane person could allow themselves to be beaten down like that. Poor woman I felt so sorry for her I wanted to scream get out as fast as you can as the barracuda will eat you alive.

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