Already the rumors are starting. Jennifer Aniston has barely settled into Vancouver to film “Traveling” with Aaron Eckhart, and the set is abuzz about a potential romance for the twosome. Keep in mind that Jennifer WAS Aaron’s first choice for his leading lady in this “quirky romantic drama” so she certainly feels wanted. In the movie, Aaron plays a self help expert who falls for a woman who attends one of his seminars. Both actors are 39 and single and seem to be getting along just great. Aaron was raised a Mormon so he probably knows a nice girl when he encounters one.

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  1. I don’t buy it. While I think she’s great, she can do much better than him.

  2. Far more likely than this “fauxmance”: Aaron thinks Jennifer has a few of Brad’s old jockstraps and is hoping she’ll share.

  3. Here we go .. another fake romance. Then after this one, it will be Jennifer with Owen Wilson; they will star together in her next movie.
    If Aaron is still Mormom, don’t think Jennifer would fit in. They have lots of kids.

  4. Janet, what exactly is your definition of a ‘nice girl’? She has been around the block more than once, and her head is still not on straight after losing Mr. Purrfect do that man-killer. Mormons do not usually take up with such, but prolly this is just another gossip started to promote another grade C movie. I do like Jen, tho.

  5. he’s married with kids. nice girls don’t go for that.
    she’s so lucky to have any career. her acting stinks and she’s just so plain.
    as for him, he’s a woman hater. if you knew him you’d know that.

  6. Plastic surgeon still can’t get her nose right. It’s still a big Greek nose. Plus, she needs to plump up her lips. Men like big fat pillow lips, right Brad?

  7. “Then after this one, it will be Jennifer with Owen Wilson”
    This I might believe cause, owen likes to tongue( )0( )

  8. Jen and Courtney aren’t breaking up and she’s also very into pleasuring herself, so I don’t think this guy is the one.. EVER!!

  9. Aren’t they allowed to see some colleague’s?

  10. Do mormons have sex before marriage? If not, can’t see her waiting months or years for a wedding before getting laid. I heard she and Vince Vaughn were like bunny rabbits when they were together.

  11. “barely settled into Vancouver?” Janet they have been filming there for weeks and weeks! I suggest you try to get more on the ball with what is going on out there if you want to make it in the blog business. Other bloggers have posted the same words as ‘yours’ weeks ago.

  12. She needs a PENIS once in a while?
    there is more HONESTY involved also!!

  13. Her publicist sure puts in a full day, huh?
    Seems an awful lot of bother to dance around the fact that JENNFIER ANNISTON CAN’T OPEN A MOVIE.
    She’s the Teresa Russell of our time. Granted, Jennifer’s not as bad an actress as Russell, but somehow she manages to be every bit as unwatchable and uninteresting in her own awful way.
    This chick seems bent on proving that she has talent, and that Brad Pitt (in a momentary lapse) didn’t marry far beneath himself when he hooked up with her.
    She’s wasting her time in the movies.
    She was MADE for Lifetime TV.

  14. She does not have an exceptionally pretty face. Her eyes are nice, but she uses that curtain of hair to try to minimize her long square chin.

  15. she is totally a medica hyed mess. this girl is so boring i could spit and i was too happy when brad divorced her ass. she is soo plain. pull tha hair back and she’s olive oil

  16. She will never ever have another gig like ‘Friends’. Never…not in TV or movies. I still thinks she is miserable over losing Mr. Smith, I mean Mr. Pitt.

  17. You posters, most named “Anonymous,” are ridiculous. She’s a very attractive girl, and a talented actress who brings Lucille Ball to mind. He is also very talented. If they find happiness with each other, fantastic. Mr. Pitt broke her heart, and we all deserve a second chance.

  18. Surely Aaron has more self-respect than to date Chinnifer!
    It’s so 1950’s of her publicists to try to link her every one of her co-stars …
    I can’t wait to hear what they cook up when she is (inevitably) paired with Ernest Borgnine.
    He’s much more in her league LOL!

  19. 2 things: #1: Her chin area is really bad, and I think surgery can’t fix it. #2: Will we ever know the truth about Vince Vaughn. He seems to be a playboy, and is losing his hair fast and getting fat on beer and bar food. Did she ever really like him, or was he just a quick fix after the breakup.

  20. Love Jen. Love Aaron. I didn’t know he was mean to women… rumor, maybe?
    I loved him in In The Company of Men. Aniston was great in The Good Girl. I doubt they’re having a tryst, because her publicists just put this one out a little too frequently. At this point, I honestly don’t see how she could hold any remorse over Brad Pitt. His true colors are out there, and he seems to fulfill himself thru others. Especially adopting Jolie’s humanitarian projects as his own. In one sense he has good, if misguided, intentions. On the other hand, how he transitioned from his marriage to his mistress was shameless, selfish and unforgettable. Can’t stand him. Period.
    I won’t see a Pitt film, but I’m always open to seeing what Jennifer’s doing on-screen.

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