Photos via: Daily Mail
January Jones proved she’s capable of a lot more steam that her prim Mad Men character Betty Draper. The 32 year old actress was introduced to Donatella Versace at an event and Donatella was so impressed with her “feminine, classic beauty” that she personally picked her to be the new face of Versace. January kept her retro blonde flip for the nude photos promoting handbags and shoes.


  1. This is great picture. The art director deserves “kudos”. Should get her a few movie roles or at least some casting calls haha!!

  2. She’d need something to get her casting calls, it certainly wouldn’t be with her acting. I find her almost unwatchable on Mad Men.

  3. C’mon Janet you are a switched on Gal with a lot of experience, you know that Donatella Versace is giving all these interviews about January Jones and Angelina Jolie and trying to avoid all the Mafia talk, this time her goose is cooked.Just ask your old NYC pal R Couri Hay he can fill in the gaps!! Yes it is all true. I read a book in 2001 by Pan MacMillan called , “The Spying Game ” by Frank Monte an ex NYC Private Detective living in Sydney, over which Donatella and Santo Versace spent over $4.5 million to suppress as it said the same thing… Mafia drug money laundering, if it was not true why bother with a little book in far away Australia by a private eye? Read last weekends’ London’s Mail on Sunday and see the right take on the whole thing and stop believing the Versace Hype. She is an evil nasty bi…. Grow up kids. Yes it is all True. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1335978/Versace-murdered-mafia-debts-claims-ex-mobster.html
    They are all at it and we all know you cannot make that much money selling clothes no-one ever made. Did you ever see anyone at a Versace shop? Not me. They are on the way OUT! Karma Buddy!!! Cunannan had nothing to do with it he was a dead body, the mafia killed him and stored him, that’s all life is about in Miami. all true.

  4. She looks like she can’t make it thru the night without a man. That’s just be vibe she gives off.

  5. Harry, you must really keep your shrink in business with your paranoid ramblings. Why are you so carried away with what you think the Versace’s are doing or up to? YES, name brand clothiers and designers CAN and DO make that kind of money when they are that well known for that long. I’m pretty sure they invest wisely and have a huge and productive business with fingers in many gloves. You sound like a jealous lunatic, ranting on while saying nothing.

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