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Jermaine Dupri is in the doghouse. Not only did he reportedly puke on Janet Jackson’s lap at his birthday party, his contributions to her career have been disappointing. He gave Mariah Carey lots of hits but hasn’t done the same for his girlfriend Janet. He created the concept for her tour and also arranged parties for Janet after every show. She’s been exhausted by the rigorous show and the partying is too much for her. She’s just not as young and energetic as she used to be. Janet cancelled tour dates and took a rest in Atlanta at a health spa recovery place. Janet’s management disagrees with Jermaine (they blame him for many of her failures) and they stopped him from visiting her. Jermaine was told “You’re not her boyfriend any more.” Jermaine took off for New York and he and Janet are speaking on the phone. Where their relationship stands, no one knows for sure.

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  1. Janet the reason for Janet Jackson’s mysterious show cancellations are poor ticket sales. It has nothing to do with her ‘sickness’ or her being ‘tired’. She is washed up, her album bombed and her tour bombed.
    Why are you writing about her? Nobody cares….

  2. She has not had a hit since her divorce! SOUNDS like Renee was right…He was the one who wrote all those hir songs for her…..JUST a Thought! Hmmmmm!

  3. This woman has never had any talent and certainly no singing voice. All she did was steal some of Brother Michael’s moves. Why doesn’t she just shut up, go home and raid the fridge? An a$$ that big needs lots of maintenance!

  4. I agree, she never had much in the way of talent, breathless wispers do NOT a singer make. Moves stolen from those her brother already did, don’t cut it. She chopped up her nose too, tho not as badly as MJ and her older sister, still looks freaky, maybe people are just sick of the freak Jackson clan.
    Saw that pic of her crammed into that effed up looking space zero outfit for her “tour” and she looked like a moron in a robot suit with a ugly giant mohawk, big hideous metal crappy belt, yellow jumpsuit (who does she think she is, ELVIS?) and she wonders why no one wants to come watch her lip sync…DU-UH!!! She SUCKS the big one as Kirstie Ally used to do so fondly!!!

  5. She was adorable as a child actress but that was then and now she has flapjack boobs and is over the hill with her career, so she should just slap herself like she does and retire to a backyard and relax in the sun.

  6. If the rumored split is true then I say Very Good and about darn Time!
    We love Ms. Janet Jackson in NYC and cannot wait until she Arrives in the Big Apple on Saturday November 8, 2008 at 8:00 PM
    To those who criticised Ms. the Supersonic Diva on the prior posts thanks for taking the time to write and talk about The Entertainer of this new Millienium!
    All Publicity is Good . . . Don’t forget!!!

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