Teenagers Jamie Lynn Spears and her baby-daddy Casey Aldridge will be parents in a matter of months, and they have no choice but to prepare. Jamie doesn’t drive, and Casey’s been driving a flatbed pickup truck that won’t work once the baby arrives. There’s no place to put a car-seat. So the young couple has been vehicle shopping in Kentwood, Louisiana. They decided to purchase a fully loaded Chrysler Town & Country mini-van for Casey. It’s not exactly his dream car, but it’s just what the doctor ordered.

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  1. Problem is he’s not the father. Man, those Spears kids are all phucked up.
    From pagesix.com
    Btw, did you read about what a scumbag Perez Hilton is?
    February 28, 2008 — MARIO Lavandeira – better known as online gossip “Perez Hilton” – encouraged a handsome young blogger to send sex tapes of himself while he was making promises of promotion for the blogger’s own fledgling Web site.
    Jonathan Jaxson – a former publicist and founder of gossip site JJ’s Dirt – told Page Six he sent Lavandeira sexually explicit videos of himself with the hope of Lavandeira’s help, which never materialized.
    “He would tell me he would give me stories for my blog,” Jaxson, 24, said of Lavandeira, 29. “He used me.”
    We’ve obtained pages of lengthy AOL Instant-Messenger chats between Jaxson and “Perez Hilton,” who has risen to fame with his Web site, where he doodles on photos of celebrities accompanied by scathing insults.
    The New York Times ran a gushing puff piece on “Perez” Tuesday, reporting he gets 2.8 million visitors a month and is in talks with Warner Music for his own label because he has such a great ear for new music.
    In an exchange from Sept. 1, 2007, Lavandeira told Jaxson, “you should totally make a sex tape . . . (but not with me).” Jaxson wrote back, “I will have to make one on here for you tomorrow and e-mail it to you.” Lavandeira responded, “Hot! Do it now!”
    The next afternoon, Lavandeira asked Jaxson, “When are you sending me that video you promised?” Jaxson responded, “If you do a phone blog with me for my blog . . . as if I am cold calling you in attempt to get advice for my blog. You can be totally rude. I don’t want others to know we talk.”
    The next day, Lavandeira asked again, “Where is that video?”
    Jaxson told Page Six he sent Lavandeira videos of himself masturbating and other forms of “sex videos,” but said he only met Lavandeira in person three times – once in Florida and twice in New York.
    “I fell in love with Perez. I thought he had a huge heart . . . but he’s just a [bleep]hole,” Jaxson told us. “We started working together and communicating on how to make my blog bigger. Then it got more personal and intimate.”
    Lavendeira had no comment.

  2. Why does every ho that is a somewhat ‘star’ have a huge unattractive chin?

  3. Get a DNA, Duh. See Maury Povich for details. Does she have a clue as to who?

  4. Save some money for the down payment on the double wide and a place to park it. And, oh yeah, save some for the down payment on a used vinyl couch.

  5. I’m happy that professional show business finally became what amounts to snapshots of people’s kids at Disneyland. Who needs Humphrey Bogart and Grace Kelly when we have real talent like this around now?

  6. She looks happy and I suspect it’s because he’s going to go ahead and be the fall guy. After she reaches age they can divorce and she can move in the real father.


  8. She has no lips, but the chin is there. Her face is not that great looking, rather common looking in fact.

  9. She should go to Norway for a year, have the kid, and cool off. Maybe Casey would like that too.

  10. She’s not going to get a DNA test because Casey is NOT the father…
    Friends have said that Jamie Lynn was no longer even seeing Casey – and family members told Star that they believe the real father is a much older executive at her children

  11. There are pictures published today that show the supposedly non-driving Jamie gassing up, and then climbing into a white Range Rover before driving away.

  12. I don’t think Casey is the pappy. Will he be glad? Someone (or two) is being paid off in this skanky mess.

  13. Seems like you know alot about white trash. Maybe you could give them some pointers.

  14. Seems like you know alot about white trash. Maybe you could give them some pointers.

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