Don’t assume from this photo that things are OK with Jamie Foxx. He’s been hospitalized for 3 weeks with a mystery medical condition. Jamie recently started posting to his social media accounts, BUT the innocuous posts were probably written by a member of his team – HIS would have been clever. Even Jamie’s longtime friends are being kept in the dark about his condition. A friend of Jamie’s inner circle says that calls and messages from Jamie’s close friends are NOT being answered. (Katie Holmes can get no info) WHY? While everyone is hoping for a miracle, it’s likely the situation is far more dire than is being disclosed. The movie he was filming when he was stricken, Back in Action, has resumed filming with a lookalike! THAT doesn’t happen often. Today a friend of Jamie’s declared on Facebook that Jamie has actually been in a coma for three weeks.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. There were many gangs who had him on a hit list. I think the L.A. crips made him disappear .

  2. Note to all those posting that they are “praying” for Jamie’s recovery: Your prayers do nothing. You say that to make yourself feel like you are a good person and are doing something. Ha! You’re just a selfish virtue-signaler.

  3. You had the story first Janet. Now reporting that his condition has not changed, poor man. Heart goes out to his family too.

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