jamescutgandolfini921022922.jpgMany celebrities are a little grouchy at 7:45 in the morning – especially when they’re at the airport and fans want photographs. James Gandolfini, clad in a black silk embroidered Chinese shirt, khaki pants, and sandals with socks, was at the San Francisco airport this week, quietly browsing in the magazine shop. When two fans asked him to pose for a picture, he winced, knowing what was to follow, but obliged. What followed was that suddenly everyone NOTICED the Sopranos star (despite his decidedly non-Tony Soprano garb) and made a huge fuss, pulling out cellphones, gaping and calling out to him. Because of that first photo, James remained the reluctant but affable center of attention in the waiting area until his plane took off.

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  1. Best line ever from the Sopranos:
    “You know, this hiding out ain’t so bad – I ain’t had a vegetable in a week!”
    Sunday nights seem empty without Gandolfini’s awesome talent.

  2. As annoying as that may sound, that is price one must pay for earning over $300,000 for acting.
    Sorry, but I have little sympathy.

  3. Agreed, 12;44pm.
    btw I like James G he’s one of the better actors walking the planet.

  4. Only $300,000… I would have thought that guy would be making at least $700,000.
    I guess it all has to do with who your agent is.

  5. Ya gotta admit this could drive anyone insane ! Especially us introverts !!
    Yes the money is great but , you have no privacy 🙁

  6. Superb actor. Hope to see him acting again soon in somethng that showcases his talent as well as The Sopranos.

  7. Remember him as the porno sleaze in 8MM with Nicholas Cage?
    Love his talent.
    And, yes, rich stars trade privacy for fame n’ money. I’d do it!

  8. Sorry James, but no sympathy from me. I bet you don’ wince when you get that great table in a restaurant, or all the comps from the casinos you go to ( they also pay for your presence there) NUTHIN FOR NUTHIN Mr. Gandolfini.

  9. James is one of the good guys…Sure do miss him on Sunday nights

  10. James is one of the good guys…Sure do miss him on Sunday nights

  11. James is one of the good guys…Sure do miss him on Sunday nights

  12. $300,000? He was earning a million per episode during the last season and worth every cent!!

  13. It’s just wrong to accost celebrities out in public. They’re entitled to their private moments. Leave ’em alone.

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