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Eddie Murphy, dressed in black from head to toe, met a friend for lunch at Mr Chow in Beverly Hills the other day. Eddie always prefers to be seen in the company of a pretty woman so he must not have a girlfriend right now. Last February, he was seeing Nischelle Turner, but that’s the last we heard of her.

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  1. Didn’t he get caught with a Tranny or something?

  2. Miss Murphy does look good in black.
    It’s very slimming for her.

  3. @2:13 PM
    No, Eddie Murphy got caught “in” a tranny, which really is somewhat more difficult to explain away.

  4. Mz Murphy’s beautiful woman is Johnny Gill..all others are beards..

  5. Wasn’t that photo taken at 18th and Castro in SF? HEH.
    There’s no hiding a (tranny loving) gayface just ask Misses Cruise and Travolta!!

  6. Ok, everyone says Eddie Murphy is gay, but where’s the proof?

  7. So was that baloney in the 80’s when he was in love with some girl named Lisa who broke his heart?

  8. And doesn’t he have biological children, not saying he couldn’t be gay because I believe he is.

  9. I just thought he REALLY was straight. No big deal.
    Why does he hide it anymore? He’s got tons of money, so he doesn’t have to work anymore. I don’t get it.

  10. The studios, which make BILLIONS off of his “str8” leading man comedic imagine do not wish their leading man to come out as a homosexual, which is why NOT ONE A-LIST STAR HAS COME OUT AS GAY!
    That sort of homophobia is crazy considering many (closted) gays run movie studios!!

  11. 4:42 google “gay hollywood”…Dolly Parton, Jody Foster, Lily Tomlin, Tom Cruise, JC Chasez, John Travolta, Chace Crawford, Jake G., Matthew McBongo, LL Cool Jay, Dr. Dre, Kevin Spacey, Da Brat,Will Smith and Wifey, more more more!!!

  12. But does that make it true? Just because they are listed? Or is there proof?

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