It’s time to mourn the loss of the once cute and appealing Ashton Kutcher. (Yes, that’s him in the goofy white outfit with Demi Moore.) He’s apparently gone the way of Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie and been turned into a wimp by Kabbalah. It’s funny how these religious cults change people – Guy Ritchie used to be the hottest, hippest director in London. His career disappeared with his Chesterfield coats. Do Madonna and Demi really like their guys better this way?

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  1. Looks like Mama is taking her boy to the dentist.
    “Come ON Ashton!”
    “Yes Mommy.”

  2. Hmmm Janet, instead of blaming Kabbalah, why don’t you look at who these men are married to? Maybe it’s the WOMEN who are making the men age poorly and look like crap. Ashton Kutcher, for example, was stupid and tied himself down, looking for a mommy, when he should have been living it up.

  3. I know, demi is like a black widow sucking the life out of this poor guy. I thought he was smarter than this. she is so old and disgusting, this is a good pic of her, but have you seen her live? dang this woman is more wrinkled than an 80s wrinkled suit. she is friggin ugly, why anyone thinks she is still hot is beyond me.
    ashtons face says it all: “what crap did I get myself in to?” poor thing, poor stupid thing. LOL

  4. Come on, Janet & other you be ashamed. You always want equality for women, but yet blame these women for the choices their men have made. What does Madonna have to do with how & when guy make movies. A man needs to have confidence & understand his vision regardless of whats going on around him.

  5. I know one thing for sure. It’s that fucking stuck up and jobless-forever woman demi moore. I think she is pictured here with her asshole, ashcan kurchurch, uch, uch.uch!

  6. He doesn’t look very happy, and he may have purposely carried that whatever in his left hand so he wouldn’t have to hold hers. yes I do believe there’s trouble in paradise.

  7. She’s pulling him along like a poodle.
    Are his nuts in her bag for safekeeping?

  8. He looks like one of the sperm from that Woody Allen movie about sex.

  9. Another sexy guy who has become a whipped little suck since he got married. If you think he looks bad now wait until you see him pushing “Grandma” Demi around in her wheelchair when she’s sixty and he’s forty.

  10. Anyone with an asinine juvenile show called Punk’d should have been dressed that way all along.

  11. Mommy is very disappointed with Ashton’s behavior at Kabalblahblah class.
    And that means she’s going to be extra firm with the strap-on when she gets him home!

  12. If this guy were any more whipped he’d be a non-dairy dessert topping!
    (Thank you, I’m here all week!)

  13. This marriage is just one-Demi-discovery-of-naked-polaroids-of-Rumer-in-Ashton’s-top-drawer away from disaster!
    (Thanks, I’ve got a million of ’em!)

  14. oh please, demi is nasty looking now with her wrinkles and all but she still looks better than those ugly vegetable headed kids she produced. ugh.

  15. Why would he or anyone want a naked pic of that frightfest Rumer? Stop thinking you’re so clever, anonymous 8:16! These two will be history within the next year.
    Jeanne Dixon, beyond the grave

  16. Body language: in about every picture I see of Demi and Ashton, she looks to be holding on to him (and he’s not holding on to her). That speaks volumes, don’t you think?

  17. That’s just Demi holding on for dear life to the property she paid for in full.
    Every time Ashton gets bored or antsy, she dangles some new toy in front of him to settle him down.
    It’s not that so-called May-December marriages like theirs don’t work; it’s that one day the younger husband wakes up and realizes he is spending the best part of his youth tied down to an aging, demanding movie star.
    As far as Demi is concerned, she got EXACTLY what she bargained for. She doesn’t care that he’s stupid or only marginally talented. Hell, she prefers him that way!
    After Bruce, she wanted HOTTER and YOUNGER. And if she could have, she would have just as easily selected for purchase an Ashton-type out of the Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue.
    People who wonder how she keeps so fit probably shouldn’t look too far past the twenty-something year old c*ck she’s always toting around.

  18. I give them 5 years before he wakes up and moves on to someone his age. She’s beautiful, but she’s old and will never be able to give him children.

    The much more interesting speculation about this couple has to do with a third party who is said to be every bit as besotted with the Talented Mr. Kutcher, as is Demi.
    This other person is a frequent guest of the couple, and might honestly be described as “a member of the family…”
    And no, it’s NOT one of Demi’s ugly daughters; think much more surprising, much more on the Down Low.
    Just goes to show: in Hollywood, ANYTHING goes.

  20. FYI – The Kabbalah is not a cult. It is an ancient spiritual system from which all Judaism and Christianity evolved. It is typically only studied by serious scholars – not by dilettantes or sheep like followers.

  21. Thanks for the FYI.
    Now in this ancient version you speak of, are the jews still characterized by their incessant money-grubbing and victim-complex?

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