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We would NEVER have guessed who this guy is if the photographer hadn’t recognized him. Hint: He was married to Drew Barrymore. (And she dumped him after she caught him cheating with an employee of hers.) It’s Tom Green and he’s starting to look like Tom Arnold or Paul Bunyan or SOMEBODY. Anyway, he still managed to find a cute girl to take to Crown Bar.

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  1. Uhhh Janet,Tom Green did not cheat on Drew. That is a libelous and defamatory claim. Mr. Green is a comedic genius and a proud Canadian. His hilarity can be experieced daily at

  2. There are more sluts and whores in H-wood than there are men who are slut-mongers and whore-mongers. When a famous/rich man is single, the sluts and whores come out of the woodwork and the competition is on. Think on this.

  3. She doesn’t appear to be a slut or whore. Sheesh. Give her a break.

  4. This has-been loser is obviously so thrilled that someone actually wants to take his picture that his one remaining nut may combust.

  5. Both opportunists. The main goal of their date is attained as soon as the flashes go off.

  6. Delilah 5:30 AM: And on the other side of the coin, when a famous/rich FEMALE is single, they have to fight for a man…example: J. Aniston.
    Kinda like the law of the jungle.

  7. Wait a second I thought he filed for divorce from her, I’m pretty sure that’s how I remember it because it was so shocking that he was dumping her so I always thought she was the guilty one

  8. THIS IS A FACT: He dumped her because:
    1. She is a Wiccan (practices witchcraft) She has said this herself.
    2. She also likes the ladies, which he highly disapproved of.

  9. I agree with anon1. I thought she dumped him, when he was diagnosed with cancer?

  10. YEP, it’s little tommy(cruise) in his “GRIZZLY ADAMS” outfit folks!!

  11. I always wondered why their marriage ended, but I figured it was her since she can’t stay with the same man for very long.

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