To be honest, it never occurred to us that Sex Pistol Sid Vicious DIDN’T kill his groupie girlfriend Nancy Spungen at the Chelsea Hotel. The horrific ending to the Sid and Nancy story happened in 1978 when Sid woke up in a drug haze and found Nancy dead on the bathroom floor with a stab wound in her stomach. He was arrested for murder but overdosed before he could go on trial. So the murder was not investigated. Sid’s mother Anne Beverley begged British rock journalist Alan G Parker to prove that Sid didn’t kill Nancy. She has since died, but Alan went on to document dozens of interviews with people who knew Sid and Nancy to uncover more facts. The documentary “Who Killed Nancy?” is being released on Friday.

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  1. It sounds really interesting. I’d watch it. And it seems criminal that there wasn’t a true investigation by the authorites who obviously just assumed that Sid did it and gave up on the case when he OD’d. Lazy police work to the N’th degree! Nancy’s relatives should have demanded a full and complete investigation. I think because these were drug abusers the autorities looked down on them as less than human and therefore not worthy of putting in the effort, but they were somebody’s children before they were drugies and I’ll bet if those police and officials had kids that turned out like that they’d want them treated equally if they were murdered and not just ignored like a pile of so much dirt. I think I’d be suing somebody for this fiasco if I were Nancy’s family members.

  2. Why do people waste one second thinking about those pieces of trash. They were moronic drug addicts who contribute little to the world.

  3. Nancy isn’t dead. She’s alive and goes by the name Courtney Love.

  4. Very few cases are investigated after a murder suicide. Can’t strap the killer in a chair and fry his ass if he kills himself first. Save the money.

  5. read ”and i don’t want to live this life”
    the book nancy’s mom wrote after her death
    it is excellent
    also just for the hell of it sid and nancy on dvd is still a classic.

  6. Lenny: It WASN’T a “murder-suicide”. She was found murdered AFTER he woke up from doing heroin. He was arrested but didn’t live to trial, and OD’d beforehand, which isn’t nessessarily a “suicide”. If the law never really investigated this and proved the murder, then it is still an open murder case. Murder cases can be charged and solved any number of years after the initial crime took place.

  7. I believe the most plausible theory is that both Sid and Nancy were so doped up, got into one of their typical knock-down drag-out fights, and Sid accidentally stabbed Nancy. Neither realized how serious the stab wound was. Both went to sleep. Sid woke up, and Nancy was dead.

  8. Brown Eyes, I said the same thing early, then made that last post. Hope you can keep the moral high ground I could not ; )

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