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This mesmerizing video reveals the Ever Changing Face of Beauty. How many celebrities do you recognize? Any obvious omissions? We think Ave Gardner should have been included.


  1. They were all beautiful back then because actors were allowed to sustain their unique looks. They didn’t look similar, they were distinct in mannerisms, weight, and appearance. They were also graceful and well spoken.

    Nowadays all actors strive to copy other actors. Hollywood has carved out a mold each actor must meet. Big lips, big breasts, no thighs, hair extensions, buff bodies, and botox times infinity. Being natural is so underrated.

    I loved the video until it got to Heidi Montag, now I’m going to have nightmares.

  2. i hate it when blogs include youtube videos in their blogs
    every single time i click on one to watch what was posted it will never never never play
    unless you click watch on youtube you never see it. every time. beyond annoying.

  3. Sally, I think all of the dystopic sci-fi tales have come true already, but with a frightening twist. People desire to be clones, and cogs in the machine, and mere numbers. There is no evil empire forcing it, people actually want it. Hollywood is a perfect example.

  4. Why is Naomi Campbell in there? I never thought she was beautiful. Halle Berry should have been there instead. How can a weavaholic with a gnarly attitude be considered the epitome of “beauty”?

  5. There is no way that ALL the beautiful faces that have been photgraphed could have been inclued, it would go on forever. And obviously some people will love some and object to others, perhaps on the basis of who they are rather than what they look like. I thought it was an interesting short video which is apparently an advertisment for something coming up on the subject. Might be worth tuning into. I myself would not include plastic surgery faces, but natural beauty, as they say, in the eye of the beholder.

  6. Did it end with Heidi Montag? Really? was that some kind of statement on too much plastic surgery or was it supposed to be serious? Katherine Hepburn was stunning. Where was Bette Davis? I guess she wasn’t considered beautiful. Was Rita Hayward in there?

  7. Kylie, you were reading my mind what the hell is Naomi Campbell doing in there? Of course they were going to leave out some and put some in there that no way in world they should be there. Halle Berry being left out was just an injustice.

  8. Clementine, you are thinking of Rita Hayworth, or Susan Hayward. Both were stunning red-heads.

  9. Like I said, not EVERYBODY could be included, but I agree Bette Davis (young) and Rita Hayworth definitely should have been in there, Halle too, some of the more recent ones could have been left out, but the idea was to show the changing FACE of beauty, so I get it.

  10. Rita Hayworth was gorgeous but Bette Davis? Seriously? A great actress for sure but no beauty. Where was Raquel Welch?

  11. Hedy Lamarr, Jaclyn Smith, Jennifer Garner, Gene TIerney,
    Kate Moss? Naomi Campbell? Really?

  12. Kylie, I agree. Bette Davis? Seriously? she was a great actress, but she was so great that it over-rode her rather strange looks.

    I think the fact that people now want to consider her beautiful has to do with the simple-mindedness of today.

    Until a couple of decades ago people understood the difference between beauty, prettiness, attractiveness, sex appeal and animal magnetism. Now, if someone is appealing, we call them attractive or beautiful. It seems people do not want to acknowledge that there is sometimes something intangible, immeasurable, that makes a person appealing.

  13. One of the top five most beautiful celebs ever: Myrna Loy.

    Even in her forties she was stunning and luminous. However, if you ever see images of her in her twenties, when she was just starting her career, in silent films, you will agree she was frighteningly beautiful.

  14. What was that thing at the end-some kind of mash-up of faces, or was it the formerly human Heidi Montag? Either way it didn’t belong there with beautiful faces.

  15. Rita Hayworth was part of the montage. It was somewhere in the beginning before Lauren Bacall.

  16. I think the inclusion of Heidi Montag in the end is supposed to make a statement about how artifical beauty has become. Or something like that. Anyway, very cool video.

  17. Ava Gardner possibly the most beautiful. Grace Kelly … she was gorgeous, Veronica Lake. I think Angelina is most like the beauties of yesteryear, except she is a little bit on the too thin side.

  18. Where’s Kim Basinger?! One of my favorites, and Nicole Kidman. It’s cool they all look so different.

  19. Notice that all the women were young and wrinkle-free? If the epitome if female beauty is in the 20’s, then why would older women not use Botox to try to look forever young?

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