Bristol Farms food emporium in Beverly Hills attracts a fair share of celebrities and employees there have definite opinions about their famous customers. Among their favorite shoppers are Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, and Jessica Alba and Cash Warren – they’re always friendly and polite. By far, the LEAST popular celebrity who shops the store is Heidi Klum. She is stunning to look at, but demanding and rude to the staff. Sources say Heidi butts to the front of lines and browbeats the clerks trying to help her. Yes, beautiful Heidi is described as “pushy and unpleasant.” But here’s a surprise: the clerks’ absolute FAVORITE celebrities are Kimora Lee Simmons and her boyfriend Djimon Hounsou!
“They’re sweet and talk to everyone, and they make out while they’re waiting in line at the deli.”

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  1. Klum’s behavior might be a European thing, not a personal rudeness issue.

  2. I was thinking the same is very German…

  3. Jessica Alba is despised by most people. She is self centered, sour faced, rude to her fans and the media and ungrateful. She has never been in a good movie and should just drop out of the business. Jessica we hate your guts.

  4. Janet charlton, you as a full of hatred are absolutely big liar,Heidi klum is one of the nicest celeb around and down -to- earth as every body knows unless some one is not polite enough and this is fair I guess, We saw a lot of footages with many who help her by pushing the trailer besides Germans are wonderfully nice and polite people,Now you find some body else to show your jealous of celebs as all of you .

  5. Germany is known for many wonderful things, but fine manners are not one of them (my mothers family is German – even the elderly ones, who you would expect would know better, are amazingly obnoxious). Oh, and M D? In English next time, please.

  6. It’s because der heidi still thinks she is some sort of important human being.
    I’m wondering when SEAL will find out?

  7. Seal is know to have a raging temper when he is crossed. Maybe that was a morning when Heidi felt his fury, and then went shopping and took it out on the clerks. As to the German thing, my in-laws are directly from Germany and are very crass and have no manners. This type of behavior is a German inbred thing. Btw, Heidi probably sticks with him because he is largely endowed (IMHO)

  8. Jessica Alba has been seen cursing out photogs and giving them the finger, and being rude in general. While it’s true that paparazzi are a pain in the butt, it wouldn’t hurt her to pose for a few pics; I never liked her and don’t know anyone that does. I think she is generally irritated because she has caught Cash cheating, but since she was preggers she had to go on with him.

  9. Well i’ll be Writing in Shakespearian English just for “spacedim” “A black hole may be more suitable”,Now!!Please don’t talk about language I’m sure that all of you know that English language was born in england but became ill in India and was unfortunately killed in America and you all know that germany -like all European people- is a well educated nation and far civilized than all cow boys or catlle ranchers,Enough here to mention music or fine art and literature,But about your bad and ill tempered folks.It’s your own ill fate not Germans and I’m definitly sure you deserve and very fit for it.And it seams that it’s your only heritage.

  10. Heidi is a royal C unt. Don’t try to pass it off as a European thing. She’s not in Europe. It’s called manners and she has none and if she treated me like that I’d learn some nasty german phrases and say them to her and then start calling her Mrs. Dumb Klum.
    I would also stick bananas in the tail pipe of her car when she wasn’t looking and wipe my hand up and down my sweaty rectum and rub it all over her food.

  11. Heidi is nothing but Euro-trash. To Heidi: You know the difference between being polite and being rude ~ grow up. Your crap stinks, too. By the way, a lot more gorgeous ones out there besides you.

  12. What in hell are these creatures? Are they humans? No absolutely nooo!!!How can someone be so mean and loaded with hate like this ,look at that filthy thug calling him self A german name,but he just picked his cock to fill his mouth with it,This prove only one thing, you are out there at the other side of the atlantic are very far away of civilization by the whole width and depth of the ocean,You can be very well off with false gleem but as humanbeing you are under rated just a punch of thugs,I recomend that you keep it going like this.

  13. M D has one or two valid points, but we can all agree that he/she is in desperate need to get a GED.

  14. Kimora and Djimon making out while waiting in line at the deli is low-class no matter how you slice it. Is she saying..Look everyone, I got a man, I got a man. So pitiful.

  15. Why don’t the shop managers frankly tell her.. hey! Wait your turn. Behave yourself lady! and shame her in public. It’s not like they must ‘keep’ this customer happy to the detriment
    of all others.

  16. LOL @ Hitler’s Cock re Mrs. DUMB KLUM! Classic.

  17. 11:47, I wondered the same.
    the clerks and the managers can always tell a customer like Klum, “excuse me, I will be with you right after I am done assisting these customers”.

  18. Janet,
    It is true about Heidi being unpleasant. I am a makeup artist who has done her makeup for NY Fashion Week. She is not a nice girl when the cameras aren’t around.

  19. Gabriel Aubry is friendly and polite because he knows that his sugar mama Halle Berry is going 2 pay for everything.

  20. @ 2:33 PM…lol And, he will do a ton of baby-sitting while Miss ‘No Morals’ is out making more money and movies to try to keep him. And then, he will leave her for a younger slut and sue her for support to keep him up in the manner that he has become accustomed to. What a dumb desperate-for-a-dick-crazy broad.

  21. She is a low-class thin-lipped whore. I hope Seal beats her up.

  22. I bet every time Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry have gone to that store Halle pays.

  23. Janet!! Again you are illogically big liar inventing rumours about celebs just to please your nastiness and jealous and to drag such people of your kind to show how bad and failure they are,We all know that pristol farms is a very respectable stores and well organized and strict with their rules,They can stop any customer,and I mean any customer from breaking these rules you are here claiming that it’s a mess there,So get cool all of you and stop showing how bad you are,By the way we all know that heidi has her close friends private make up and styler artists ,She definitly will not let any lousy amateur to touch her At least in this particular events,Again anonymous means bastard ,Got it?

  24. Heidi Klum is very polite. I hate it when these gossip people spread false rumors.

  25. Hi there faked Flavio!! We know that a very busy man like you will never give a dame “like all celebrities” to this lousy kind of sites but any way realizing what you are aiming to and what ever your real name is, But! Every one knows that the real flav was heidi’s partner for months back in 2003 and fathered her daughter as any girl has a boy friend respectfully with no sex tape like Paris hilton , kim kardishian and many other and what about anglina golei who was switching from lisbian to having afair with a sibling,What about brit and all,I’m just reminding you that “WWW.” has too many scandals involving all your celebrities go and have a look with out any help from Janet charlton’s lies.I’m willing to provide you with details,Any way it was a generous declaration flav.

  26. Starvation and vomiting keeps her edgy and premenstral

  27. How bloggers and commentators writings reveal alot about their evil natures

  28. 3:44 AM: I don’t know who
    anglina golei is. Do you mean Angelina Jolie?

  29. Yes dude she is the same,thanx for correction, I know you know, right?

  30. Heidi obviously loves IT, and she likes to model, too.

  31. David Caruso is rude too. But then he is ginger…

  32. Heidi book is a fun read, wonder when she’s going to write another one.
    Maybe something world travel and thrift shops.
    Wonder if we’ll ever see her being a spokes person for Hardee’s in the way Paris Hilton really put them on the map.

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