SHE is a multi-talented legend, but her years of hard living haven’t been kind. HE is a C-list musical performer who has recently taken over her life, and become a SVENGALI. He controls who she talks to, shutting out longtime friends. She has limited income so he’s covering her living and medical expenses, and leasing her a condo in a famed West Hollywood building. But some of her friends fear he’s selling off decades worth of her priceless Hollywood memorabilia. And here’s the REAL shocker. Another star from the same era also lives in the building. He was worried about his friend so he walked in to her condo one day because the door was unlocked. He was SHOCKED to find the Svengali dressed in our legend’s clothes. He won’t say anything though, because the Svengali had a secret homosexual affair with him back in the day!



12 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD WHODUNIT

  1. Cher and that dude, Tyga’s homie. IF SO, that sucks. I think Elton John is the friend who walked in.
    Since this SVENGALI is young (in comparison) and barely there- Elton John hooking up with him would be while he was married. (?) It’s a guess O.o

  2. Oh juicy. The actress is kinda broke “limited” income hmmmm. Maybe a really old star?

  3. Oh Das – I think you nailed it. The only puzzler here is WHY would Liza have limited income? Her NYC home sold for about $9 million. Michael Feinstein seems like a big drunk if you ask me. Not my fav.

  4. Yes it’s Liza with Michael Feinstein and the star friend that had the affair is George Hamilton. What a tangled web they weave!

  5. It is definitely Liza with Michael Feinstein controlling her and the friend that walked in and saw Feinstein in Liza’s clothes but remains silent since he had an affair with Feinstein is George Hamilton!

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