Through the years we’ve heard almost every kinky fetish out there (and written many of them as blind items) but this one is new -even for us. Even though he could well afford to fly private, this international star usually opts for commercial flights and now we know WHY. As off-the-charts as this sounds, he has a specific kink – he likes to sniff women’s pantyhose, specifically ones worn by flight attendants after a long flight. During a recent London to LA flight he chatted up one of the sexier attendants and eventually he revealed what he was into. He offered to pay her $1000 for her used pantyhose, so before the flight landed she headed to the lavatory and removed them. He still buys her hose after long flights and has her ship them to a P.O. box in a discreet package addressed to his alias.

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  1. Any of those British/Irish/Welch guys–Pierce, Craig, Liam, Colin, etc.

  2. Good to know that I can comment again!

    I’m guessing Leonardo DiCaprio. 🙂

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