Seeing this photo of John Legend in New York reminded us of about a hundred reasons WHY he is the PERFECT Sexiest Man Alive. There is far MORE to a sexy man than just “abs!” Legend is not only handsome – he always looks so clean! He’s the whole package – smart, educated, talented, and FUN. (Look who he married!) He was a feminist before it became popular – John being the only famous musician who spoke out against R Kelly and supported the women Kelly abused. He adores his wife (out loud) and doesn’t take himself too seriously. A truly modern man.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. Sorry he lost all his cred by marrying that insipid attention seeking woman

  2. Exquisite voice and style, but alas, the face of a wizened gnome. 🙁

  3. This was yet another payoff by People magazine to get access to Legend and his zero-talent wife. He’s not sexy at all! There are so many sexy men in Hollywood who should’ve been on that cover. Ugh!

  4. It’s no secret that People magazone’s Sexiest Man (or woman) Alive award, much like the People’s Choice awards, are given to whomever agrees to 1)show up, and 2)participate in any and all required promotions. Legend, like all of his predecessors, wasn’t voted sexiest anything; he just agreed to show up. His wife is a foul mouthed, brainless, self involved twit. If he adores her, that doesn’t say anything complimentary about his morals or his taste in women.

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