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For the past seven months since she split up with her husband Seal, Heidi Klum has been devoting time to her kids and work and not actively seeking male company. But a man seems to have popped up right under her nose! Heidi took her kids and her mother on vacation in Sardinia, Italy, along with her bodyguard, whom she often works out with. These beach photos indicate that a romance is blossoming between Heidi and her husky bodyguard. He’s already familiar with her family and gets along great with her kids, so why not? We wonder if this attraction has been going on for a long time- or is it brand new? Seal is probably wondering, too.

Photos via: Daily Mail

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  1. Jeez, Janet, you sure are jumping to conclusions. The only thing the bottom photo indicates is that Heidi is a touchy-feely person. The man is her bodyguard and her workout partner; she obviously knows him very well. So, wow, she put her hand on his shoulder. Seriously, from that small gesture you’ve determined that they’re romantically involved?! That HARDLY indicates romantic intentions, merely affectionate ones. And people CAN be affectionate with one another without romantic intentions or involvement. What century do you live in?!

  2. “……….she wants a racist to raise her boy’s?”

    First of all, u dont know how to spell, moron. Secondly, whats actually a racist, dumbass? Well, Heidi, once u go black, we dont want u back, see what I mean….

  3. Well it was a solved blind item that right after the split, Heidi had a weak moment and called Seal only to find that he was with another woman so I’m sure he is not wondering much about Heidi. He moved on a lot faster than she did if there is even anything to this “relationship” with her bodyguard.
    Those boys grew up really fast in my opinion. Seems like Gwen Stefani’s kids don’t age but her boys are older quick.

  4. First of all this woman is tuff and strong and nice and sweet and what man in there right mind is not going to say no to that incredible mother full of Beauty and smartness and kindness and she has a lovely blended family and thank god a mother which is a blessing!Hope she is having the time of her life and most of all well wishes to her family…

  5. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. She made just need someone she can trust. And if something develops along the way, good for her.

  6. Strom, she had a white baby by a wealthy fat old italian guy, that don’t think much of her or her white color.

  7. 6 years ago after a break-up,it’s one of my best friend who solaced me and we again are together actually

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