We were startled by this unflattering photo (left) just taken of Heather Locklear – ESPECIALLY when compared to the one on the right from March. No, we don’t think she aged overnight – everybody takes a bad photo now and then. Heather, 48, always bounces back. The past few years have been difficult for the Melrose Place actress – she’s had depression and substance abuse problems and she’s checked herself into rehab several times – the last session completed July 3. But Hollywood loves her and she’ll always have opportunities.


  1. Bad picture? Nah! Untouched, you mean.

    Never thought much of Locklear’s looks.

    Hey, this is what old vanilla looks like.

  2. She’s just depressed because all the guys she ever really liked/married have been baaaad to the bone. And the few bad boys left either don’t want a worn out looking has-been (or) they are either too stoned to care about her or anything but their next fix.

  3. What kind of make-up could possibly hide that neck? She’s always looked great on tv. I don’t get it.

  4. No wonder makeup artist make so much money. They perform miracles.

  5. no you stupid woman: THIS IS A NORMAL PICTURE OF A FIFTY YEAR OLD.

  6. I grew up in the same neighborhood as Heather & she & my brother were an item when they were young. She is very tiny and petite, really does have gorgeous blue eyes, and is very sweet and polite. Seriously, very nice manners, which is rare with actors. She will stop to hold a door open, or help someone who needs assistance. The last time I saw her was about a year ago and she looked great. I think this is just a bad shot. Camera angles do weird things and she has her chin thrown back which is not a good look for anyone. You guys know I will not hesitate to slam an obnoxious celeb, I’ve had to deal with so many of them at my job, grew up around them & most of my fam & friends work in the industry, so I promise you, I am no fan of anyone, but Heather is a sweetie, trust.

  7. I think this is what’s known as – not wearing any makeup and not posing for the camera.

  8. I heard she wanted to be a nurse prior to becoming an actress, regardless, she’s always taken the high road in her personal life. Makeup or not, beauty comes from within and Heather is still a nice looking lady who seems decent.

  9. I’ve always read positive stories about her too. No matter how nice anyone is, though, no one is impervious to gravitational pull.

  10. The older you get, the harder it gets, and when the aging effects of being a chronic substance abuser start to kick in on top of that, it’s equivalent to a fast plunge down the first slope of a roller coaster ride.

  11. The resident plastic surgeon at the National Enquirer has not treated her, but thinks she has had surgery, such as cheek implants and botox. As to the wrinkly neck, I don’t know what happened.

    She appears to have really gone down hill spiritually and mentally after the blow-up where Richie dated her best friend, Denise Richards. Why can’t she keep the baddies…Tommie Lee and Richie Sambora?

  12. Love life? Maybe that was a factor, but here career was starting to tank just before the breakup.

    Maybe the fact that she IS nice and sweet has not helped on most fronts, especially with here career. She was no academy award level actress. All she had was Blond, Pretty, Nice, and the Nice part doesn’t really sell anymore.

  13. The past few months have been rough on Heather,and it is beginning to show.Hopefully,she will take the needed time
    and get back to being the Heather that we have enjoyed watching over the years.

  14. frankly i could give a rats ass how HL looks…..or feels, or is, or was, or could or would be and is now or will end up.
    thank you.

  15. I agree Georgie, she is one of the few celebs that doesn’t irritate me and who can blame her for getting hooked on tranquilizers when her BEST FRIEND ran off with her husband? That would drive any woman over the edge. As for the pic, she’s almost 50, that’s a great looking woman for that age. How many of you at 50 will look even half as good? Next time you are in the mall look around at the 50 year old shoppers and tell me how many of them could hold a candle to Heather. Good grief! At least she didn’t go crazy with plastic surgery.

  16. There are plenty of people in their 50’s who look better than that.

    Heather is fair, lived in sunny California, and is of the generation that just missed that short-lived pale trend, and the opportunity to use sunscreen at an early age. That probably did not help.

  17. If Georgie knows her as he/she said, then it’s cool that she’s polite, etc. However, she had a great childhood (she said so), she’s had multiple career choices, had 2 marriages, a nice kid, and made plenty of money. She needs to suck it up instead of turning to drugs and booze. Many have suffered way more than her and are poor while in sufferings. Not only that, she has a man, Jack Wagner, who is supposedly crazy about her. There is no excuse for boozing and drugging, she should be thankful for all she has had.

  18. ….and to add to that, she should just re-group her mind and thank God she has not gotten in a car drunk or on drugs and killed herself or someone. Not much sympathy here, sorry.

  19. heather locklear needs to play the mother of britney spears.
    not lynne spears, but you know, the fictional mother of b. spears.
    i feel strongly also that kathy lee gifford needs to play the mother of mariah carey.
    they are eerily similar, but hollywood need 2 hurry
    because they can soon be playing sisters…
    – haha, i nevva said that!

  20. Its called peri menopause..thats why she looks different..happens to every woman.

  21. I just saw a picture of Heather with Melanie Griffith and now I see why they both look so awful – they were both puffing away on ciggies. They used to be pretty but between life abuses and plastic surgery they look like freaks.

  22. Truth is…age shows more in a candid photo than it does face to face in real life. She could easily look good live. I am the same age and people often peg me for 35, but when I see me in photos, all the sagging appears more prominent than my glowing, unlined complexion. It sucks, I know, but it’s better than the alternative (not lasting long enough to have to deal with aging).

    You know, with all the complaining people do about celebrity photos, no one ever seems to consider how bad most of us – even beautiful people – look in our own photos.

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