It must have been a huge blow to Tony Robbins when NBC cancelled his “Breakthrough With Tony Robbins“ show today after only two episodes aired. No amount of positive thinking could save the show, which attracted less than three million viewers. We theorize that the big problem was that Tony has established himself firmly in the world of infomercials. We are accustomed to seeing him coaxing us into signing up and investing money in his motivational products and seminars late at night when we’re most vulnerable. That association just might have caused viewers to assume Tony was selling something and click right on by his series to the next channel. The four remaining unaired episodes are likely to appear on cable somewhere.


  1. He turned me off many years ago when he cheated on his wife after coaching people about how much he loved his wife/marriage and then he married the mistress. He is a do as I say not as I do kind of person!

  2. UR right, he is Mr. Informercial. Am sure he’ll grow it into a lucrative cable gig–same program, with some merchandising package attached. Plenty of people looking for a miracle cure in times like this; Tony’s always got something. Then there’s always Dancing With The Stars…

  3. He’s a con artist. And it seems he is good at it. But it also seems more and more are seeing through his superficial persona and not buying his schtick. Maybe there’s hope for America yet.

  4. I don’t understand why this man’s short lived stint on NBC is worth mentioning. zzz

  5. Janet is commenting on this fraud because she thinks he’s dreamy.

  6. Geez! The Secret has come and gone. Robbins’ self help philosopy is ancient history. That was the problem.

  7. I find TR to be kinda creepy looking, with his big head and giant teeth. and I didn’t know about his personal life. Why would NBC think this would be a good show for the summertime? I think most new shows tank during summer. People aren’t looking for new shows, unless they are on the cable channels like USA, AMC, HBO and such…NBC, failing once again…

  8. This show belongs on cable for starters and secondly his branding is hard to translate to TV. And finally, this is a really tough market to crack. Crash and burn time for lots of shows. I have caught UNDERCOVER BOSS in reruns and can see why that show did well. It’s very well-done.

  9. Does that little Chinese fella who supposedly made tons of money in real estate have a show in development as well???

  10. Never seen any of his shows, but in that photo he looks like a used car salesman

  11. It’s a cult like scientology, everyone involved spouts the exact same stupid platitudes and if you question anything you are attacked.


  13. Canada isn’t much better Sebastian, there is a frightening lack of original thought up North.

  14. lisalisa, sure. The American influence is too great. Our French roots are hardly strong enough to counter it.

    Still, look at our population (a mere 30 million) and then look at the people of note – particularly those in entertainment we produce. Ellen Page, Samantha Bee, the Sutherlands, the SCTV gang, something like 30 % of SNL alumni, Ivan Reitman, Alanis Morissette, Mary Pickford…I could go on and on…and not include Americans who are really half-Canadian, like Madonna and Paula Abdul.

    If it were not for Canada, Britain, and Australia, American pop culture would be a wasteland.

    Outside of pop culture: David Frum, and Blackberry/RIM, to name just two.

  15. The anti-american attitude you possess is grotesque. Is there anything on planet earth you don’t blame America for? Canada has done nothing but ride our coattails like a TICK since day one.

  16. HaHaHa!!! LisaLisa: a product of the American education system.

  17. lisalisa, drive a car lately, and not have sell a kidney to fill the gas tank?

    That is thanks, in part, to Canada!

  18. The only reason Canada even exists as a country is because of America. If we stopped buying your exports you would go broke. If our military stopped protecting you during the cold war you would be speaking Russian. I find it amusing that people call Americans “arrogant” when Canadians like yourself are running around all full of superiority attitudes.

    And yes American schools are so horrible that people come from around the world to attend our universities.

  19. Tony Robbins always seemed like a con artist to me. I don’t think anyone has to be concerned for him; he always lands on his feet.

  20. America gets most of it’s gas/oil from Canada! If Canada did not produce the oil it does for us we would flounder!

  21. OK we have determined that Tony Robbins is creepy and that our beloved friends to the north (Canada) Rock!

  22. I’m not a Tony Robbins fan or devotee or whatever you want to call it, but I am someone who is interested in bettering myself and will investigate anything to that end. I watched ‘Breakthrough’ and found it a refreshing change from all the other reality TV shows, most of which are dismal statements about mainstream western culture. ‘Breakthrough’ showed genuine people with genuine problems getting genuinely EFFECTIVE help that worked. In the follow up interviews several months later, these people were testament to how effective Tony’s strategies were in bringing them back to being loving, productive, enlivened human beings. I suspect most people who have commented couldn’t get past their own judgements and assumptions about Tony Robbins to even bother watching the show.

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