His friends were amazed by Daniel Radcliffe’s hard partying stamina in Russia where he celebrated his 21st birthday. Daniel and his buddies went to a St Petersberg club where the diminutive Harry Potter star downed one vodka shot after another – and, pounding on the bar, he encouraged everyone else to do the same. Soon he was dancing on chairs, singing karaoke, and he was reportedly “laughing like a hyena” all night. He staggered out at 4 AM without his shoes, still laughing. The next day he flew back to London (where the drinking age is 18) and continued partying, appearing none the worse for wear.

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  1. The little wart has been a raging lover of alcohol and parties, especially ever since he shed his clothes on stage (can’t think of the name of the play).

  2. I guess the younger generations haven’t heard of alcohol poisoning and how much brain damage can be done IF that is, IF they live thru it! To have amassed that much money, enough to be really rich the rest of his life even if he never works another day in his life, and then put it all in jeopardy over a night’s boozing, is just beyond the stupidest thing there is. Hasn’t this little moron ever heard of all the kids that have died doing this very thing, like at spring break? Drank themselves right out of having a brain at all! Yeah, Daniel, congratulations on turning 21…hope you make it to 22 at that rate, you probably WON’T!!! But then, it just proves that to be an “actor” you don’t have to be “smart’, do you?

  3. He did what most normal males do when turning 21.

    I remember 21st’s I attended: watching the birthday (usually) boys doing the ‘yard glass’ – just knew not to stand in front of them.

  4. Lenny, that is a terrible attitude. Not all young men a drunkards. And BTW – here is something for Strom and his kind – that level of alcohol abuse is a VERY British thing (it goes back centuries, and was re-enforced during the industrial revolution), something that, to some degree got passed along to the colonies (Canada, America, Australia).

  5. Sorry Lenny. You were obviously being sarcastic.

    Thing is, one does hear that Boys Will Be Boys, or Wild Oats attitude too often. When did youth become of time to get blind stinking drunk every week and have sex with anything and everything that takes your fancy?

  6. The old-fashioned attitude of such things (as SebastianCanada said) is always the best route to follow. It will keep you away from future trouble and free of sex diseases which are on the rise, per the US Health Dept. It might be fun for now, but remember, future things await. Many have overdosed because they essentially said ‘To hell with tomorrow’.

  7. Janet you should really learn to google or do research via phone – legal drinking age in the UK is 16 (if they have alcohol with a meal) and 18 if they only buy a drink by itself.

    Daniel has been like most British teens drinking alcohol legally since he turned 16. And when he travels to other countries in Europe (France, Germany,Italy etc) there is no drinking age restriction or its 16.

    Stop being such a moron Janet, it looks bad on you.

  8. As a European, Daniel was probably exposed to alcohol long before his 16th birthday…like, in utero!

    Many Brits are Gin-soaked at birth.

  9. I dunno, if this became an every-day kinda lifestyle for DanRad, then I’d be worried. But I don’t think he’s in the same boat as Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan – two drug fueled alcoholics who can’t go thru a day w/out a fix. Every once in awhile people get drunk. He’s famous so his pic is everywhere. I’ve seen lots of pics where he wasn’t drunk, so I’m not worried about him yet…those other girls, tho, they are pretty sad stories and are rarely pictured w/out being drunk, high or on crack.

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