January 8 is Elvis’s birthday and it’s always nice to take a minute to think about him. We found this early photo of him looking particularly sultry with actress Dolores Hart. She played a sweet young thing in “Loving You” and “King Creole” and went on to star in “Where the Boys Are.” At the age of 25 she left Hollywood and went to a convent and became a nun. (Do you suppose she was thinking “If I can’t have Elvis, I’m going to become a nun?)

20 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVIS!

  1. One of my great friends is a catholic Nun; she is a really special person – not like those nasty old b*tches I had to suffer through schooling with.

    Happy Birthday Elvis.

  2. Mother Dolores is the Prioress of a Benedictine Abbey in Connecticut. She’s still going strong, bless her heart.

  3. My bet is she was knocked up by him and being it was still such a puritanical time, she was shipped off in secrecy to a convent and the child taken from her and put up for adoption. I suppose she stayed on doing pennance for her “crime”. Back in those days “good girls” just didn’t have children out of wedlock, and families went to great lengths to keep things secret. A “bastard child” could not only ruin a girl’s reputation, but her whole family’s name back then. And I have heard my synopsis before so don’t go off on me for it.

  4. She fucked the king and found god?
    Is that what you’re saying Reta?
    Is their an heir apparent? Male?
    The messiah?

  5. Although I am sure the hormones on the movie sets were running wild, I don’t think there was ever anything sexual between those two. She worked with some big male stars of the day and seemed to be able to surpass those for a life committed to God. I admire her.

  6. Reta, I have heard this theory about Dolores Hart becoming preg with his kid. It would be tough to resist his unbelievable good looks and charm, but I lean to the side that she did not succomb.

  7. No, but I bet it had to do with a casting couch and not being able to look at herself in the mirror over how Hollywood is run. Maybe she decided to save her own soul.

  8. I am not implying she bent for anyone, but when the writing it on the wall choices need to be made and she chose herself and her God,
    Kuddos to this woman.

  9. Yep….look at Elvis who in his time was #1 and this woman….in JC’s next story, someone with a fake and sacrilegious name like Madonna with an African wannabe, and who is obviously in it for fun and games and wont end up becoming a priest. Says much for times and values.

  10. He was certainly a beautiful man. How old would he be if he were still alive? One of the only times I ever saw one of my older brothers cry was the day Elvis died. I’m sure he wasn’t alone.

  11. Denise, I think he’d be in his 70’s, like 75 or something…

    and yes, this was YEARS before the time I went to high school and a girl got pregnant in my class, we who knew her noticed it. Suddenly she was gone…wisked away by her family, and she did go to a convent, had her baby there and it was taken away from her against her will and put up for adoption. She showed back up a few years later and found her old friends and confided in us. Things were definitely done diferently in those days and it was considered a true shame on the family to be branded with a young pregnant unwed daughter. Meanwhile the boys got off scotfree, “being boys sowing their oats”!

  12. If it was still considered that way we would have many less single family mothers which have been a tragedy for the black race.

  13. Patrick, I’m beginning to think you surely must be missing a few grey cells. If a child was born and put up for adoption, the facts of it’s birth way back then would have been sealed and still would be. The now very adult person, of course, would have no inkling of his/her bloodline. Catholic Nunneries are not exactly known for spilling their guts on church secrets now, are they?

  14. Reta, You are exactly right. I have a full brother that was put up for adoption with the Catholic church’s unwed mothers program. I went one direction and he went the other 16 months later. There is no way for me to obtain that information. They never let anything leak from their paperwork.

  15. pssssssst: a good entertainer BUT A MENTAL WRECKAGE, folks!!!

  16. Walt..too bad you aren’t able to find your brother. What a shame. I DO believe the story on Dolores Hart having a baby with Elvis and it all being hush-hushed. It would have destroyed his still budding career back then and he was under the svengali control of his manager and his father as well.

    He never did have free reign on his choices and that’s why he got stuck in so many dud movies and singing so many rediculous songs in them. I’m not swallowing that this young girl went from being a successful actress of her day, starring with one of the biggest discoveries for the younger generation, and then did a complete about-face suddenly and went the opposite direction and fled society, acting, and her obvious crush on Elvis.

    If she DIDN’T have a huge crush on him, like all other breathing females of the day, let alone ones that got close in body to him, then I hazard to say she was ALREADY a “none”.

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