Madonna, 52, has been getting restless and she’s been inspired by her new boyfriend to start planning another world tour. She and her 24 year old French sweetheart Brahim Ziabat have been holding informal auditions for dancers in London. She values Brahim’s input because he’s an accomplished dancer with all the cool moves and it was his steamy style that attracted her in the first place. Dancers thronged the UK nightclub Aura in Mayfair when word got out that Madonna was auditioning. The most amazing dancers in the city gave it their best shot. Madonna and Brahim reportedly drank water all night and left at 2:30 AM with a list of names.



  1. Hasn’t she be made redundant by that Lady Gagme person?

    Time to hang up your crucifix, Madge.

  2. Actually, this is rather sweet.

    Her boyfriend was still a toddler when she last toured, so it’s understandable that she’d want to show him what Mama does for a living.

  3. She looks more and more like the puppet Madame every time we see her

  4. In a few slight years her son should be old enough to start dating her, right? What’s his name? Rollo, or something? Oh hell, does it really matter? Does ANYTHING attached to her matter?

  5. The reason I despise Kelly Ripa:…..The mega-rich breadwinner of the family TOTALLY WORSHIPS Madonna. Three times Madge has been on their vapid morning talk show, and the entire time Kelly had a meltdown and screamed her name over and over and over in Regis’ ear. And that’s the main reason I despise KR.

  6. Hmmmmmm. This post makes me feel a bit psychic. Here’s my prediction for Madonna: anything she tries to do in a commercial sense will fail. The public is too wise for her BS. Hope she was as good at finance as she let us all believe. Hope she obtained her $$ legally and that she won’t be targeted by…..whatever. It’s so hard to be old, isn’t it Madge. When you have to pay the piper for all your youthful indiscretions. Whew, that psychic consult was free to you all here. No need to call the psychic hotline today.

  7. I think it’s more like “I’m broke time for another world tour” Since her only income is from touring, I don’t believe she receives any royalties from her “songwriting”, she has to tour to keep her lavish lifestyle. She has someone underwrite the cost of the tour, and splits the profits.

  8. My hair looks just like hers; that is, when I step out of the shower.

  9. How sad and pathetic that Madonna has all the money she needs and she still has to resort to spending it on boys half her age indulging them in order to please them.

    I predict she will turn into a bitter old woman once she is forced to stay inside. She will be forced because nobody will be able to stomache her appearance. Miss Gabor is a perfect example. Sad very sad.

  10. Stadium tour? No. Arena’s? Uh uh. Theatre’s, maybe.
    This tour should will sell like Janet Jackson’s last.
    Time for Madonna to find out her shit really does stink.
    Love or hate GaGa, she finished Madge once and for all.

  11. I disagree. Most of her music is iconic and I think that as long as she chooses to tour, her shows will sell out. I would think though with all her money and the opportunities it provides to do good things, and with 4 children, the last thing she would be is bored.

  12. This can only end with William Holden floating face down in her swimming pool.

  13. Like J Lo and Kim K she has a love for black bush meat it seems.

  14. The only thing missing from her life that is much more interesting than her are fingerless white lace gloves. Maybe THAT’S what she stuffed into her cheeks to make them swell out so much???

  15. PS: Just ONCE I’d like to see these too-rich “stars” (overpaid self-indulgent bores) in a picture where it shows the top of their head and/or hair, NOT have a black skunk stripe down the center of their heads. What IS IT with these women? Too lazy to keep their haired properly dyed, even when someone else has to do the labor for them? Do they really think the public enjoys seeing this cheap “trick on the corner in crotchless hotpants” look exotic or appealing? NOT!!!! She’d look much better with no hair at all that this cheap skunk-do!

  16. When she is tired of Brahim, for one reason or another, there will be a long line of boytoys waiting to take his place. By now she has been exposed to so many germs/bacteria they probably cancel each other out….or will mutate into something incurable.

  17. Does anyone know–does Madonna have cheek implants? I mean, on her face.

  18. Bettye: I’m pretty sure she does. I remember seeing a fresh picture of her when it looked like they had just been done and there was still swelling which added to the horrible-ness, (as tho the way they look now could not be bad enough). It was definitely a sudden departure from her previous public face and since the implants are inserted from inside the mouth, there would be no scars and thus she could go out in public right away with only swelling to show for her efforts added to the hideous plastic cheeks themselves. I think it’s truly a form of insanity that maybe comes with having too much money and not enough brains.

  19. Frank Sinatra, Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Madonna are the most long lasting Pop/Rock superstars of all time. The fact that a woman climbed that mountain to superstar status speaks volumes. She did what no other woman had done up til now. If she wants to tour so be it she is the queen. Madonna was GaGa before GaGa was even born!!!

    PS Streisand didn’t tour with music for over 20 years and made films that’s why she is not on my list.

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