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Roseanne Barr is flying all over the country promoting her new book “Roseannearchy” and we were surprised to see that she now has grey hair. She says “everyone hates it” but she wants to be natural. We found one of her tirades amusing: She declared “Movies are the worst thing in the world – everyone IN them is a nutcase, everyone who MAKES them is a psychopath, and everyone who WRITES them is a drug addict.” Think about it.


  1. I actually like her hair, and love love love the red glasses! I’d wear those! And come to think of it, wasn’t Rosanne in a picture or two? I think I might agree with her on the ones she was in at least…not the greatest actress in the world.
    I saw her live and she really sucked. Bombed all over the place (at least that night she did…the place was like a tomb). But her opening act was fantastic and went on the become very well known. His name is John Pinette.

  2. I like the natural gray and the cut as well. She also looks like she’s trying to be taken seriously. A long way from that atrocious rendition of the National Anthem with the spitting and crotch grabbing.

  3. It’s totally normal for a woman her age to have gray hair, good for her. She’s crazy as hell but occasionally says something wise

  4. It’s fairly common knowledge that she is a bit nuts. Regardless, I loved her tv show. Even today the tv show can make me laugh out loud. I like the gray hair and I am glad to see her out and about. I hope her book does well and I look forward to reading it.

  5. I think she looks tremendous.

    All sisters of the muff should celebrate their age naturally.

    Think, for example, of Pamela Anderson Lee Kid Rock (among countless others) without her perkified silcon, droopy tits, grey hair, pooch belly, big ol schnozz and a behind that would hold an entire set of The Twilight Saga.

    How adorable would that be?

  6. I love her hair. I love when women rock their white, gray, or salt and pepper hair. It’s so cool. They are the women I take the most advice from.

  7. Well she has a point. Name a mentally normal/non-drug addict celebrity.


  8. Rosanne is first class when it comes to telling it like it is….and she really does take full responsibility for all her….mistakes….and she’s made a lot….and I remember seeing her when she very first started doing standup…and she was AWESOME….and she still is. And I LOVE the gray hair. Go Roseanne. I’m going to read her book.

  9. I loved her sitcom, Roseanne, well written, unusual stories, and funny. BTW, she has done very well for herself; she has a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. A smart businesswoman who has been thru hell (mostly with men) and back, but invested her $$$ wisely.

  10. I guess she would know.

    I much rather preferred Roseanne before she had money. She used to be funny, now she is just crude and mean. I really don’t think anyone wants her advice or criticism on any issue. It is almost like she speaks up just to keep in the public eye.

  11. i recently read somewhere that roseanne brings in about 300K a MONTH in residuals and other investments I guess…… she aint hurtin for any money!
    good for her. estimates her net worth from 75-100 mill…..

  12. Good to hear everyone say they are on board on the natural look since I have never dyed my hair and am now getting silver ones here and there. Why fight it? It just makes you crazy if you pretend you are still 20-something. I have quite enjoyed ALL my decades/years and would not go back in time for anything, OR take a free facelift after the horrors I have seen in the media. I have earned my skin slowly sliding to oblivion, and my long hippie hair, even when it turns all silver, will still flow behind me as I hobble down the beach after my dog who is getting ancient along with me. Gotta love it, right? Consider the alternatives…

  13. Remember how she introduced her “Domestic Goddess” character in commercials for Ralph’s supermarkets—in Southern Cal? (And ironically, it was, I think, Shirley Jones she replaced in them.)

    She was very funny and certainly brought something unique to the table; her legendary sitcom success was a sure thing.

    Flash forward to the last thing of note she has done—a talk/variety(?) show that was simply awful. It was like watching a hostage drama unfolding, with everyone tip-toeing around Rosie, all knowing that gig wasn’t going to last very long—and it didn’t!

  14. Monah: yes, I remember her “domestic goddess” days and she WAS very funny then. Her sister was involved then somehow, but when Rosanne went thru her period of real nutso and accused her parents of molesting her in her crib, and claimed to have multiple personalities, her sister and she had a falling out over the acusations. It was a time when people were getting brainwashed by therapists, back when the “McMartin” preschool scandel happened.

  15. Reta, at least Roseanne evolved out of “her” period of real nutso.
    I would love to see some pics of you doing gumboot helicopters whilst walking your dog in the park.

  16. Patrick, sorry, but I don’t get what you mean by “gumboot helicopters”…but I assume it’s something mean for that is your forte, right? And how about YOU Mr. Perfect? I’m quite sure you are every bit the Adonis, Mr. Olypiad, superior even to AH-nold in his heyday, yes you ARE aren’t you, you perfect sexy beast you. You KNOW you’ve got all the women who visit this site panting rabidly over the vision of you in the raw posing and flexing in your superiority over all the rest of us as we grovel at your feet only wishing we could come microscopically close to the greatness that is “Patrick”.

    Tell us, please, how DO you DO it, keep your utter perfection in such tip-top form even while pounding the keyboard ferociously with the tip of your flaccid withered penis held erect in it’s splint such as it is. But hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? But you might want to put a teeny bit of cusioning on the very tip of the little guy…I’m sure he’s getting quite a little black and blue mark by now around his little eye from all the slamming, over and over, against the keys as you attempt to make SOME sense and matter to SOMEONE in this cold cruel world. No wonder the little guy is all shriveled up and asking for a sweater! They make some lovely ones in latex I hear, but not so sure they’ll have them in YOUR size. Maybe you could keep it on with a few rubber bands triple wrapped?! I think that might work, and hell, with YOUR lovely personality, I’m sure you’d enjoy it so much you might just want to wear it all day under your bright orange jumpsuit! Ask that big guy in the uniform with the shiny badge for some extra rubber bands, I’m sure they’ll give them to you, after all, it’s not like you can carve a gun out of them now, is it?

  17. ^^^you are off the meds again, right. lengthy paragraph postings and delusions of grandeur?

    ita, muffin top, roseanne is still crazy, and not in a good way!! washed up has been, still seeking the limelight.

  18. “Delusions” of WHAT “grandeur”?? Could you possibly BE any more vague?

    And YOUR proof of “sanity” is hiding behind no name at all, huh? Cowards can call others names from dark sticky corners but just let someone turn a bright light on and watch the scurrying begin.

    At least I put my name to my “lengthy paragraph postings”, and what’s YOUR excuse for name calling and attacking the visitors here? I don’t recall being on any “celebrity” lists and therefore fair game for a gosip site, but then maybe that’s only MY idea of fair play and doesn’t apply to the “Patrick’s and not patrick’s” of this world…for he’s far superior to us in his slack tiny one-eyed way.

  19. Easy Reta. Eaaasy.
    My little puppy. Come here. Stand up.
    Lemme wipe those knees off for you.
    My little puppy girl.

  20. ” Gumboot helicopters.”
    When hippy chicks[the old ones,Salt Spring Island types} wearing only the finest in haute hippy dress with gumboots, SPIN, clockwise or counter, arms outstretched in a sort of dervish whirl. Usually to the live music of..other fucking hippies.

  21. To add a wee bit to my comment above: Of course Roseanne is a little nutty, but she does what she wants to and doesn’t worry about it. And to reiterate, anyone that has been thru bad marriages, paid THEM alimony, and still had the business savvy to invest in property in Hawaii, is still OK in my book. BTW, all of us are a little crazy in some way and I’d guess we don’t have property in Hawaii.

  22. Another afterthought:

    RETA, at the risk of getting you mad…could you look in your crystal ball and see if you can tell find out the whereabouts of SebastianCanada. Thnks.

  23. Don’t be afraid Sebastion.
    You can hide behind Reta’s massive vagina.

  24. Sorry to disappoint you Patrick, but I have a fantastic sex life. I won’t bore YOU with the details, wouldn’t want the little wrinkled one-eyed member of your “pee-wee” club to go trying to get all happy now, would I? So, just go ask the guard to escort you back to your cell now that you are done trying to get the poor appendage to function in SOME sort of manner befitting the “King of laundry duty”. Oh, how it must make it ever so easier to jack off on your boyfriends dirty socks when they are laying right on top of the bulging pile. Was it good for YOU? Good. I could tell it was.

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    So nice to hear you’ve gotten a new gig and don’t have to lick the toilet bowls clean anymore, much as you may miss it, it’s obvious this new job suits you so much better. Maybe if you’re real good and get your work finished early, you can earn some overtime licking the toilet bowls anyway, so that maybe by the time you get out you’ll have earned a whole $4.95! Why, you’d probably have enough for a pair of socks!

  25. Indy and others, I haven’t the slighted idea where Sebastian is. I myself was gone for a couple weeks and was surprised to see when I came back that he wasn’t posting. I miss his humor and intelligence. Maybe, like I did a few times, he just got fed up with the racism and constant gay-bashing that is so prevalent of this site, far and above other sites as I have noted before. Janet needs (desperately) a way for her visitors to report these types of postings. I know she reads the comments because she writes back when it’s someone she knows (Hilary). Perhaps Hilary could convice her to do this for us in this new year. Janet has very few regulars anyway, I’d think she’d want to keep the ones she does have.

  26. Reta, if Janet deleted everything that was not exactly pristine and proper, she would have to consider deleting other comments that are a little embarrassing (eg. penises, etc), not just the ones that you think are racist or gay bashing. jmo.

    And regarding Sebastian, maybe he ran off and joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. lol.

  27. Indy, on that point I believe you to be wrong and rather outdated in your mentality. In this day of equality -allowing racists a forum to continue to spew their backwards, dangerous, inflamatory hate is wrong.

    Racists as well as gay-bashing morons are definitely on the low side of society, but if I had any kind of public site I would not allow that kind of dangerous and inflamatory sputum even a microscopic stranglehold. The kind of hate these groups and individuals spew does and has lead to innocent people even losing their lives which should not be tolerated by the rest of us with any section of functioning minds.

    Killing or thinking someone is “less than” because they are of a different skin color or sexuality than you is the utmost in conceited insanity and any website host/hostess should do all they can to protect the public from that type of hatred that only fuels the fires of continuing ignorance.

    It’s 2011 now, time for everybody to grow the hell UP!

  28. Oh Reta, stop being hysterical.
    It’s the internets, everyone gets to hide behind the keyboard and let fly. That’s the game, don’t be so precious. And don’t become too possessive of this site.
    Sebastion was shown the door and none of you caught it.

  29. ^^^^^^^PATRICK: What does your last sentence mean?…’Sebastian was shown the door and none of you caught it’. WHO showed him the door? Thank you kindly.

  30. Indy, NOBODY did, it is just Patrick’s frantic scratchings at his throat again in panic that he won’t be heard or will be over looked because people prefer Sebastian who is at least witty and full of juicy information. -Unlike Patrick who only stops licking the toilet long enough to type a few words every now and then to keep his filthy fingertips warm.

    Speaking of “possessive” Patrick…who are you obcessed with NOW? (Put down the stiff sock so you can answer)…

  31. oooooo I just LOVE a nice storm…here, take this metal pole outside with you, the lightning just LOVES metal! And isn’t it lovely how it breaks the sky with a loud crack like a whip (you’d probably know about THAT too, wouldn’t you Patrick my dear? Or are you the DOM?)

  32. Lovely Reta. Pretentious snotbags like you were my specialty. I would have seen past the large bottom and easily thrown a mercy fuck into you just for laughs.
    The nonstop crying on the answering machine would have been annoying at first until your shrill shrieking and psychotic threatening began. Then we would have the real Reta unleashed. Right!?
    Still would of nailed ya for kicks tho.
    And your little dog too.

  33. I think Roseann looks fantastic with her grey. Not all women can pull it off as well as she can.

    I have to say though, I’m more surprised that Janet didn’t make some catty, bitchy superficial mean-spirited comment about it. She didn’t make a fat joke in the snooki post either. Wow…kudos to you Janet.

  34. Casonia..Hells kitchen!Jennifer never lost one single pound in that place and she started to crumble and not pay attention to detail and was more silent then Tommy and I think Tommy is real cute and glad he is still there.. Who is going to Win? Hope it is says:

    I think she is right about Medical Pot for people and she is funny and smart and has massive amount of information to share with the world.

  35. Casonia..Hells kitchen!Jennifer never lost one single pound in that place and she started to crumble and not pay attention to detail and was more silent then Tommy and I think Tommy is real cute and glad he is still there.. Who is going to Win? Hope it is says:

    She has had a really good life and has helped other people get there career in check. She is smart and really makes people feel good.

  36. Casonia..Hells kitchen!Jennifer never lost one single pound in that place and she started to crumble and not pay attention to detail and was more silent then Tommy and I think Tommy is real cute and glad he is still there.. Who is going to Win? Hope it is says:

    She speaks her mind and put every thing on the table and never holds back from her thoughts and feelings and what is right.

  37. Casonia..Hells kitchen!Jennifer never lost one single pound in that place and she started to crumble and not pay attention to detail and was more silent then Tommy and I think Tommy is real cute and glad he is still there.. Who is going to Win? Hope it is says:

    She is pushy and aggressive and she has a great family and love the gray hair and it makes her look like a silver fox and she is big and Beautiful.

  38. Casonia..Hells kitchen!Jennifer never lost one single pound in that place and she started to crumble and not pay attention to detail and was more silent then Tommy and I think Tommy is real cute and glad he is still there.. Who is going to Win? Hope it is says:

    She is still funny and often make people laugh and…That is great.

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