Lisa Marie Presley had no complaints about the harsh weather in the UK when she returned to Los Angeles with her family for a visit. Lisa Marie and her husband Michael Lockwood moved to the English countryside last year after Lisa decided she didn’t want to raise her two year old twins Harper and Finley, in Los Angeles. She looks healthy and nicely dressed so the move seems to agree with her. We’re guessing she’s living close to a Scientology center there.



  1. You know, Janet, I was just going to ask for an update on her and here you are with one! Thanks! She looks great. I was worried she’d stay way overweight like her father did when he ballooned up, but she looks like she’s striving to be healthier for her children that her parents did for her. Now, if she’ll leave her face alone and not follow her mother’s butchering plastic surgery mistakes, she sould be okay. The babies are darling as hell and look much like Elvis as a toddler and Lisa Marie as well. Strong genes!

    Hey whatever became of that other female who popped up years ago claiming to be Elvis’ daughter, wrote a book, and DID look much like him. I’d sure like to see a DNA test done on that woman just out of curiosity. It’s logical that with that many women being in his bed over the years that SOMEONE other than Priscilla was bound to turn up preggars. The odds are just not in his favor and I’m sure he didn’t don a condom every time!

  2. Um.. there are other states that don’t over tax you and have a safer environment, less mania and murderous citizens in the US hon.. Never mind.. we are safer and happy without your silly secretive ways of not telling the whole truth of your life and actions.

  3. This is the first photo I’ve seen of her twin girls. They sure are adorable and she does look great.

  4. I thought Lisa Marie left the Scieno cult and then moved to the UK to get away from her controlling mother (from a blind). The family she is visiting in LA is probably her 2 adult children from her first marriage.

  5. Anna said exactly what I was going to. I thought LMP was writing a book about her mother, which upset her mother, but so what. And I thought she wasn’t happy w/ Xenu and was trying to get away from it.

  6. Lisa has lost about 30 pounds. Oprah was at her home in the UK about 3 months ago interviewing her and she was chunky; now she is about right and should not lose any more. Just a thought: If she has left Scientology, she will be harrassed with e-mails, letters, and maybe visits from SCI big-wigs. They do not let big money members just up and leave without a fight. Maybe that is why she has lost weight: FEAR AND TENSION from lunatic Scientologists.

  7. She looks great with the weight loss and those babies look just like her…….thank goodness. lol I hope that she is no longer a Scientologist (Those people are scary.)

    I don’t believe for one single second that she and Michael Jackson had a sexual relationship. Although she insists they did, I never believed it. There may have been love and friendship but I think that was all of it. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

  8. Walt, I too am in the “can’t pull wool over MY eyes boat”. If there are ANY people on this planet that believe he screwed Lisa Marie, let alone ANY living FEMALE organism in his entire life, I think there’s a lovely bridge from London in the middle of Arizona’s desert they might want to check into…just sayin’!!!

  9. used to the AAAAAAAAH’s & OOOOOOOOOH’s of spoiled americans they get homesick in the U.K.

  10. I would say Michael did screw her and Elvis turned over in his grave when it happened. It was the black’s that neither he or any of his family seem to want much to do with…kinda like Tiger Woods in that way too!

    She is destined to become very rich and do as she may please but at least now she has a white hubby!

  11. Wow her children are adorable! She looks good too. I was wishing she would do a magazine cover and interview. She seems pretty private.

  12. Strom: I can’t believe I’m addressing you, but you missed the point entirely: Lisa Marie WAS married to a WHITE GUY…and they STILL didn’t have sex. He preferred the “rubba-rubba” game after some “Jesus juice” with his precious pre-adolesant of the day, cuddled up in the secret room, behind the security door with all the locks on the inside of it and the security cameras that were trained on the hallway outside the door.

    You know the bedroom, the one with the hidden compartment built in, and the paintings of naked boys frolicking gayly in the sunshine interspersed with statues of naked children in all their sweetness. Don’t even THINK about the magazines…you may get too aroused to type and I wouldn’t want to contribute to your (A-HEM) little problem…

  13. She does look great and yes she is out of Scientology coming close to saying it was a cult and those people are crazy. She said to each is own. Glad to see shes finally happy.

  14. Does she look GOOD????

    She’s a simple middle off the road woman, even towards the lesser side. Nothing special at all, come and see in continental europe.
    And being a pure white, i can say to some racists remarks on this page, she wasn’t good enough for the BLACK man Michael Jackson.
    gossip, and more gossip, well look up when her father started to date her mother in Germany, he would be in legal trouble these days in continental europe…

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